Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


Hello , World! This is XEMBook.
I will introduce you what Japanese NEM is.

At first, could you please check this URL.
sorry Japanese, but a lot of images.

Japanese NEM Culture and Activity [DELETE]
Japanese NEM Culture and Activity [DELETE]

XEM専 is one of the first shop you can buy items by xem in Japan.

This is Japanese fan “SENSU”

This is buckle


Mother’s Day You can buy flower by XEM
Yes, In Japan.

this is user’s voice.


Today! Hokkaido Herb tea is on sale. Of course you can buy it at XEM.


catapult-server build challenge
someone said catapult-server install is very difficult.
the build festival had started.

just now award is 1410xem. who will win?


I’ve got it half done - I can compile on ubuntu/xenial64 vagrant box, but I haven’t tried running it.

Can I submit for half a prize? :slight_smile:



CC: @GodTanu


sorry winner was him.


Nice, I bought my mum some Ugg boots for winter!
But not with XEM, Can’t wait till Nem hits my shores in this way!


Japanese NEMber everyone think like this,

“It was really good to introduce NEM. Convenient, warmer than anything. I think that it is humanely‐oriented crypto-currency.”


Battle game using NEM blockchain
It will be launched at nemfest on 19/5/2018


i know that everyone can suppose that there are some mistranslations in words…

This flower shop said that “NEM is a more humanely‐oriented crypto-currency”



and plz take a little look at “NEMtea” that i make for the upcoming event named “Nemcafe” that will be held in the last week of this month. https://nemcafe.jp/
I made candy, too,
which u can buy them in XEM専(Tw:@nem_raaa)shop, i am sorry to say that i do not know the shop have foreign shipping plan or not…




NEM Payment perfect manual!



are English issues also planned?



Because it is suitable content in Japan, English translation is not planned.


It is just one year from the event , Uchiwa Kubari(Fan Distribution)



nemfest is the event which aims to connect creators’ " want to make, spread and talk" and users’ “want to know, touch, and play"