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Japanese Mosaic Wallet



Office NEM wallet



Nice to see this activity from the NEM Japanese Community :smiley:


thank you! thank you! :grinning:
I will let you know more and more Japanese NEM Community!


This is awesome - bring this kind of activity to Australia!


Japanese harvesting celebration!!
So many people celebrate anyone’s first harvest.
and that custom will be handed down…


NEM Cat Project

It is a project aiming to create an economic zone to support protected cat activities in the virtual currency while saving the life of the cat and working on publicizing the foster care system.

website is


Please import Japanese NEM enthusiasm to the world!


suspended ramen

Activities to “Suspended” begin with Italy around 2014, when buying a cup of coffee at the cafe, a small pre-paid “one-time” fee for someone without money In the activity, the store is an activity such as offering coffee for free using this fund when there is an offer from a person who can not afford money. Replacing this activity with ramen is a system that donates “food unit” instead of “money unit” in “held ramen” and delivers food to those who really need it.

for victims of the big earthquake with Japanese famous actress



the project which tell the world about the excitement of the Japanese NEM community!
Although the stock is still small,please check this hash tag in twitter !


Such as awesome concept! How’s the traction going in Japan? Would be amazing to see this kind of growth in Australia!



OpenApostille is a service with which you can share your Apostille created by NEM Wallet (NanoWallet) with everyone.
Your ideas, thoughs, illustrations, whatever you put into Apostile as a promise will be public and garner attentions by using OpenApostille.
Let’s make a certificate by NEM Apostile and share it by OpenApostille.

Various images were apostilled.


Tomorrow is nemcafe.
A lot of NEMbers are gathered in Fukuoka Hakata.

nemcafe is


Today is nemcafe!
Please check #nemcafe hash tag!

there is no 0tx


very cool



this is one of the service of XEMBook.
Japanese NEMber talk “by the way , what kind of pictures do you have?”

we have pictures in our address.
the way is own mosaics.
some mosaics have a parameter of description which have open apostille tag.
NEMGallery search such mosaics and display apostilled picture in NEMGallery site.

this is sample site.


That’s awesome! Very nice stuff



Mosaic 1 GP (Mozawan) can be made by combining NEM’s mosaic function and illustration
It is a competition to decide the No. 1 artist of “Illustration Mosaic”.
Mosaic (mosaic), a representative function of NEM,
From NEM’s official wallet (Nano Wallet)
A unique talking (coin) that anyone can easily develop.

Furthermore, by volunteers of volunteers from NEM Community,
Image data can be attached to this mosaic.
That is, anyone can seize the original illustrations Mosaic.
Everyday, by illustrators and creators of NEM Community
Illustrated mosaic work produced.

Who is the strongest mosaic painter,
Let’s clarify it sooner or later!

this is the winner art.


where are your shores @xemnewbie? Oz, right?


Wow NEM is really on fire in Japan! From Hokkaido tea to NEM Cafe in Fukuoka, that’s incredible. We’ve got to get the Okinawa Prefecture to join in too, then the whole map will be covered.

I like how much artistic expression is being done around NEM in Japan too; very cool!


Yes, Australia.