Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


Ahh man, I’m super obsessed with Oz right now.

It’s just a pipe dream, but at the top of my bucket list is exploring NT & QL in a J70 Land Cruiser.



this is very detail report (Google translate)
Many Japanese agree with this article.
Please take a moment to read it.


this is orginal


You came the Okinawa Prefecture !? great!



This is flea market that xem can use.Google translate is enabled.

You can buy used car, China tour, digital contents, and so on



tipnem is tipbot which can use in twitter.
for example ,

@tipnem tip @xembook 100 xem

you can send 100 xem to @xembook
of course , you can send mosaic

@tipnem tip @xembook 100 lc:jpy
you can send 100 jpy mosaic to xembook

And you can check balance TipNEM in XEMBook site.
you can access there by twitter PIN auth.
this is very convenient.

this account already tweeted over 32,000!
this mean over 32,000 tx generated.

this is mosaic list which are using in tipnem. so so many mosaics!

nem tomatina
last year , we throw a lot of ripe tomato in twitter.
at that time so many key persons noticed what NEM is.


Can we get a copy in Japanese? We can use google translate for read it/


One question. The owner of NEM cafe and other merchants in Japan are receiving the payments in XEM or Yens?
For example Travelbybit Point of sale allows customer to pay in Xem but the merchants receive the money automatically in fiat.


you can get a copy at nem bar . I am sorry , I don’t have any copy.


at nem cafe , customer paid in Xem and merchants received xem only.
there was no system like Travelbybit.
(I heard that Yens could be used at the sub-venue.)

In Japan ,many NEMber merchants are beginning to notice the possibility of NEM.
This event was done to accelerate that situation.


nem bar

The world’s first pub for NEMber



a door that only certain mosaic holders can open

A coffee maker that turns on power for only 5 minutes if you cast 1 XEM.

Vending machines capable of paying XEM


A very famous Japanese comedian runs a yakiniku restaurant.
Today, He started mosaic point. he said it’s first in Japan.

This is a previous report movie.


nem cafe English report

you must read this , if you want to know what Japanese NEM is.
especially Conclusion chapter, All Japanese NEMber were crying .



“polipoli” launching a beta version at the end of June aims at helping politicians and voters (citizens) to formulate political communities through policies and opinions exchange through smartphone applications.
It is a mechanism to increase the incentive to participate in the community by giving a unique chain token based on block chains in response to writing “like” or comments. In the future, we also plan to realize individual donation system with token.

polipoli uses NEM blockchain.

"Changing Japanese politics with block chains “19 years old Keio University students’ challenge - 6 trillion yen Market is Blue Ocean”


The uniform with the NEM logo got approval from the Japan Football Association. The football team with the virtual currency logo is the first time in the world.


nem fighter

NEM fighter is born on June 29
He is Lethwei fighter.
The game is scheduled to be delivered to 60 countries around the world, he will wear NEM tattoos and fight. He is currently looking for a design proposal.



You can download , just now


nem sticker

you can use nemgirl sticker in Telegram


Virtual Youtuber nemchan (14k follower on twitter)
the oldest vtuber.


Following the Osaka Prefecture North Earthquake, NEM cat donation will be held to support the Osaka Protection Organization.

NEM ($ XEM) which we received for donation address by noon on 25th from today.

Please check the blog for details such as donation content.
Thank you for your cooperation! !