Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


nem Advent Calendar 2017

Every December, Japanese engineers create Advent Calendar.
Each day One article Someone needs to upload a blog about the theme that was decided.
NEM calendar was also created, but among all the crypto currencies, NEM was only took 3 days to fill in the reservation.



Everyone knows, LCNEM is also Japan.


nem beer


Any chance to have XEMbook and all the cool features in english? I think it will increase Nem adoption overseas.







EDIT: Ok I just read the tattoo will disappear in two weeks :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was permanent…
Looks Good!


OK, I will upgrade English version soooon!


nem map

This is very beautiful map site which can search nem pay shop in Japan


super node map report

All Japanese knows U.S. made discovery of NEM


He won the match!
His special deathblow was “Right Elbow Catapult”
He said Thank you nember! at hero interview.


I am sorry!! This is deathblow Catapult



you can check harvest, stop SN and so on by telegram.
It’s very useful tool!


NEM Harvest Summary

You can check daily harvest statistics


NEM neckless




nem pay tour report

the tourist report to nember how nem pay is.


NEM Login


you can get account password by send 0.2xem to this service.
By linking with this OAuth service, it is possible to check whether or not the user has a mosaic in your application.

for example ,
you can watch the movie, if you have 1 magic:poin mosaic.

The video file is in object storage, and it is checking whether it possesses a mosaic by the reverse proxy. Since it is checking possession of mosaic at the time of login, please log out once if it is added later. Reflection may be delayed by the cache, please log in again in that case.


Engate to launch Live Video Entertainment for Sports powered by NEM Blockchain