Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


you can buy 100 years old wood by XEM


Japanese NEM Daily Activity Report

so many things!



you can install mosaic payment on Slack.
Slack is used over 700 company in Japan.
most of them use it including partner companies.

like this!


Introduction of virtual currency settlement at regional festival hosted by students lasting 14 years

At NEM, we created an online version of gift certificates that can be used only on the day called YUME Coin.

Yoga Summer Festival
It is the summer festival held every year in the Yoga of Setagaya Ward, which is the 14th year of this year.
It is somewhat different from the festival in the shopping district, hosted mainly by young people.
Last year, 15 thousand people came to see us.

In case

The theme of this festival is "
“# YOUGA DREAMERS DREAMS, Yume no choosing you, I can not play 2 days.”
People with dreams will open and perform, will provide a place where you can play active in the area!
It is a festival in the area that you can enjoy from small children to elderly people.
We look forward to seeing you on the day!


Multisig function changes shopping for people with disabilities


RaccoonWallet PWA released!
You can use it by iPhone.


polipoli introduced by Japan Times


NEM Japanese all stars

Hey, I met a super enemy without raising the level. I let the enemy sleep with the beam so let’s attack it in the meantime!

of course. “XEMBook slap” is there.


Mainnet NEM DNS. no need chrome extension.
DNS Proxy written in Node.JS. Override hosts, domains, or tlds. Redirect certain domains to different nameservers.


Japanese doctor who is Opinion leader (356,000 follower)
is cheering NEM Fighter.

and NEM Fighter tatoo design compe again.


Useful nem-sdk made by Japanese


Qiita is Japanese knowledge share service.

Qiita NEM tag has 127 posts and 121 followers


https and wss node list. WOW!


Pure silver NEM coin (cloisonne)


nem-library on AWS lambda

I will explain how wonderful this is.
Please imagine the inquiry form of a small company. You have to keep the server running all the time while almost no inquiries come. I want to settle NEM with serverless architecture! Only when a customer who says it appears you can hit the server and move it.


Japan Sports Agency Minister Daichi Suzuki (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) introduced Engate’s NEM-based social tipping community for sports teams & athletes at SPORT x conference 2018.


[Collect mosaics and exchange with key holders Plan (Free)]
Hello! It is Nemugumaya.
Everyone who is interested in NEM across the country!
This time,
We will distribute the mosaic (token) of the goddesses of three NEMs for free.
condition is,
Just ip as “I want it” on this tweet.
I will return one goddess at random.

If a mosaic is sent
Somehow manage the remaining 2 goddesses ←
Please collect it.
Those three goddesses gathered,
Please send back the three mosaics to me.
After checking, I will send another goddess mosaic by adding another goddess.
Furthermore, I will also send one special NEM key holder :bear::confetti_ball:
I can play for free!






“We start making the first 10-20 coins next week and we start receiving order in September.”