Japanese NEM Culture and Activity




The event “NEM tomatina” will be held tomorrow.


NEM tomatina in session !


OMG! Tomatina is a Spanish festival. It’s today. I have to say even though I’m from Spain, never go there. But I like the NEM version :slight_smile:


NEM tomatina has ended.
I was able to confirm more than 800 transactions in tipbot system.

we can see how much excited by this URL.



EC-CUBE plugin

EC-CUBE is the most popular e-commerce open source in Japan.
EC-CUBE was first distributed for free beginning in 2006. Since then it has become the largest open source shopping cart in Japan. Its ability to allow users to create custom sites by simply combining templates and plug-ins has resulted in over 1 million downloads…



NEM mokumoku-kai

People who are interested in some theme gather and do their own work. Just it.

at Nagoya 8/30


at Kansai 9/2


you can buy white tiger oil painting at nemche.
how beautiful!


Catapult Test Server in Japan



nemlog is blog communication service which has nem payment function.

payment operation is sooooo smart!


nem glass(3 types)


The price is scheduled to be from 15,000JPY - 20,000JPY


Holding study group for parents and children.
Using NEM and bitcoin.


Ikkyu Sojun , who is the monk fighter, will participate in the “Lethwei” fighting match on Sept 13 that includes a tattoo design competition where he’ll paint the winner’s design on his body when fighting. The motif of the design is required to be created based on the NEM logo. He uses jagua tattoo for painting that seems like a real tattoo but will be fading out in several days.

You can see him on AbemaTV, which got 9,480,000 Monthly Active User!


https access is OK, cross domain is OK.

price list

good response node list(less than 0.5 sec)


now on sale!

p.s. sorry , It was sold out in 1 day.



Ticket Peer to Peer

Ticket issuance management service “Ticket Peer to Peer” with resale prevention function

The biggest feature is the mechanism of resale prevention using NEM 's public block chain.
Each “address” on the block chain plays a role of one ticket.
For each address, a ticket not receiving a transaction on the block chain is “valid” and a received ticket is “invalid”.
When ticketing the ticket by reading the QR code at the event site, the transaction is sent to the address of the ticket at that time and it becomes “invalid”.
If someone finds the ticket resold, you can invalidate the ticket by sending a transaction to the address of the ticket on the NEM block chain.
In other words, you can simultaneously report and invalidate ticket resale. Furthermore, “Who informed and invalidated” can also be recorded in a form that can not be tampered with on the block chain, that is, without objection.


good response node list ver2 released

you can get “HTTPS” nodes,too.



nemlog generated nem pay over 2000 times!
It means 4000 tx generated!

now , you can see first tx here

wow , already 3014 times, 6000 tx(including fee for dev) !!!


What is Ticket Peer to Peer? ~New System to Prevent illegal resale~