Japanese NEM Culture and Activity



The NEM community in Japan occasionally holds some art events such as logo competition.
But none of Nembers are not good at designing logos.

so we decided to hold a NEM-themed coloring contest for all NEMbers.
you can enjoy it alone or with your kids, or friends.

Feel free to use any colors you like and enjoy yourself go crazy!

Let’s get coloring!





nem plate


nem bracelet


nem Advent Calendar 2018


nem coffee

and shop owner send plz(please) mosaic to buyer on twitter who tweet something about nem coffee.
this is coffee point


RaccoonWallet i18n Project!


Kimono dressing supports NEM payment


Distributing NEM goods for free at a college festival junk food shop


NEM Payment Bar in Fukuoka


Do you know Qiita Advent Calendar?
from Dec,1 tech persons write article every day to Dec,25 in Japan

This is last year’s NEM Calender. WOW!

AND! Here is for this year’s calendar!
It’s exciting! DON’T MISS IT!

and would you please not bother those who purely like NEM…