Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


She is the first person who proved ownership of SNS frozen account by using NEM namespace and NEM Sign.


In this exhibition that will be a joint exhibition of Helmippe and Takasaki, a project to express fantasy resort “Pyuupiru” using pixel art and block chain. You can purchase lithograph work and digital data “Pyupiru people”

Installation will be exhibited on the theme of handling digital art with the aim of next generation such as “possessing digital data” and “certifying the originality of digital data” using virtual currency technology.


"The word of love is eternal, even if love breaks forever"

It is an enthusiastic report about pixel art and NEM.
You can possess the pixel art directly engraved on the blockchain which is the proof of the people of Piyupil.

For technical details, please click here.
The token name is defined by the sub-namespace, and we declare the NFT by defining the token’s unique parameters in the mosaic-name.
By considering a mosaic attached to the same sub-namespace as a token of the same type, it can be handled like NFT


nemlog got “throw XEM 50,000 times” it’s means 100,000 tx !
1 month ago,it got “throw XEM 30,000 times” it’s means 60,000 tx !
growing pace is so high!


this is GitHub for i18n


NEM-BOU talks your tx message with 1 xem at nem podcast event.


Authorized moment and Healmes got prize at #blockchain_hk2019tokyo


What was their prize for? Their project?
Let’s hope they continue developing on NEM!


this is hackathon contest.

Sleep deprivation brings about chronic illness
Data of the body is recorded in the block chain using a wearable terminal

Authorized moment
Drone platform
The purpose is to guarantee the credibility of research images
Record proof of the image taken with drone in the block chain


Thank you! ありがとう!


cell distribution recording system that uses NEM mosaic

He aims to venture company established to carry out a social experiment implementation.
Please check nemlog which supports English translation.


**Hotel that can be stayed by crypto asset NEM, Minshuku “Sayama beautiful school” **

Please check it by nemlog which support English translation.


nemtech Japan history 2018

so many service or application had born in 2018.


brainf*ck on NEM

This is a very ambitious article.

Turing complete bytecode on the NEM message and executes JavaScript. In the future he is saying that he want to realize world computing.

Please check by nemlog which support English transration.


project idea: send llvm IL using messages, translate it using emscripten into JS, run in the browser.


thank you for your advice!
I’ll tell him:grinning:


catapult setting report by planethouki

Actually, overseas developers are watching secretly, I know.


nem fight again yesterday

This time he also engraved NEM on his breast and fought.
Unfortunately he was defeated. But he was able to win the negative self he had carried since the defeat of the past.


dot nem contest

More than 50 works gathered.


Next to coffee, it looks like curry.

We can buy curry, off course by XEM.