Japanese NEM Culture and Activity


project idea: send llvm IL using messages, translate it using emscripten into JS, run in the browser.

maybe bundle larger scripts into an aggregate transaction. But is there a way to guarantee that inner transactions will always return in correct order?




Mokumoku kai.
It is a meeting to do work to make it muffled.
It began in September last year.

The number of participants in the Kansai branch sponsored by NEMber exceeds 150 people!
You know , the NEMber is FiFiC developer and Uchiwa distributor.


Recently three people have changed jobs to IT engineer.


It is a verification report of PoI. He inspects NEM thoroughly in order to use blockchains for business. We have never seen a report verified externally so much.

Please check in nemlog which support English translation.



SNMES is again attracting attention.
The reason is that RaccoonWallet supports deep link and the developer has been focused on Piyupil.

SNMES is a service that displays NEM messages like BBS. You can receive an XEM attached to the comment for the thread you built.


3step wallet won in 3 categories of ‘not crypto’ but blockchain contest.

An application based on the concept of being able to shop online even if there is a disability, it is an application that made it possible for guardians’ approval to be performed anytime by using the multisig function provided in NEM, one of the public blockchains.


by the way they got Grand Prix
They are said to have developed a lottery system at NEM’s apostille.




Thank you so much.
Our company (Opening Line, inc) supported 3 step wallet.

3 step wallet developed by Kazumasa Matsumoto, he is well known about Uchiwa kubari (Fan Distribution) in Japan.
He works at welfare facility. He had no experience programming.
But, he studied programming and developed 3 step wallet.

This proved that anyone can develop an application that uses blockchain easily!!


I just wanted to say, I like the pictures of the tea above - I’m a tea addict :slight_smile:

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Yeah me too, but I’ve never tried Japanese tea, only Chinese, I guess

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nemlog generate throwing nem 12,563 times on NEM birthday.
it means nemlog generated organic 25,126 txs a day.


I’ll be in Tokyo for a few days next week - I think the NEMbar in Shibuya has closed since I was last there? Is there anywhere else I can go to spend some XEM?

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This shop is compatible with XEM payments. This shop is in Tokyo.


Implement a gift economy. We introduced a peer bonus system “GIFT” using a blockchain.

Original story: Voice of appreciation that can not be reached with the MVP system
“GIFT” Economy become bigger as you give “GOOD”

Not “you throw ‘GOOD’ mosaic you do not get yourself”,
But the total amount “GIFT” mosaic which you get assalary as share will increase when you throw ‘GOOD’.

I think it is a very sophisticated token design.
It’s similar to how PoI is pushing NEMber to expand the economiy to raise the value of XEM.

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NEM Kaitai-Shinsyo

This is all about NEM.
Kaitai-Shinsyo means “Anatomische Tabellen”.Japanese Oriental medicine started from here.
It is not an ordinary translation, but a commentary with a comment that took four months to write.


I like the design as well. I wonder what was the inspiration behind it

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Nice! Are there many shops compatible with the coin?

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Smart UQ

UQ is “Yukyu” which means applying for paid leave in Japanese.
In Japan ,gov starts new system of paid leave on an hourly basis.

It is complicated for the management and hard to be transparent to the workers.
The system uses NEM and is scheduled to start operation in 2019.



nemlog world tours

Let’s walk around the world by Using pedometer of FiFiC
(There were too many posts about this, and nemlog administrators were forced to create new categories :sweat_smile:)