Japanese Symbol Culture and Activity

Hello World,again.
I’am XEMBook.
I will introduce you how Japanese people are enjoying ourselves with Symbol.

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Pure Silver XYM Blue Cloisonne

The sterling silver XYM is finished to maximize the beauty of the translucent cloisonne. Three Japanese patterns, the arrow pattern, the hemp leaf pattern, and the blue sea wave pattern, which were inherited from sterling silver NEM, are engraved so that they emerge from the cloisonne. The combination of silver and cloisonne is a beautiful gem.



Tonkatsu Ashibi

The famous restaurant Tonkatsu Ashibi(Pieris) in Yokohama City will finally be using Symbol payments!
The date will be Wednesday, June 9th!
Whether you’re in the area or not, I hope you all enjoy the best tonkatsu at Symbol!

At the time of payment


Symbol Node List

very very useful tool for harvesters!

The story of how I visualized Symbol with tools.

  • The nodes of Symbol are automatically collected and displayed in a list.
  • Automatically eliminates inappropriate nodes, such as those with low block height.
  • Twitter, comments, etc. can be set by the node operator.
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NEM Tour

This event has become a culture.

WALK Mining event where you can get Symbol/XYM just by walking.

What is NEMTUA? It is an event where you can get the crypto asset “Symbol(XYM)” by participating in the “NEMLOG Subject Article” with the number of steps you have taken every day. In order to participate in NEMTUA, you need to have an image that shows the number of steps you have walked. You can use any pedometer you like. You can take a picture of your daily pedometer app or pedometer to participate.



Everyone already knows nemlog.

NEMLOG is a blog communication service with a donation function using the cryptocurrency NEM, born in September 2018. In April 2021, NEMLOG evolved into a service using the cryptocurrency Symbol, the successor to NEM. The basic system is a traditional blog posting service, but in addition to the commenting and donation functions, it is designed with an awareness of the connections among users, such as events held by volunteer users. We will continue to develop the service with the aim of creating an environment where users can get together in a friendly atmosphere.

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Osteopathic Institute

A sports osteopathic clinic in Shibaura, Minato-ku, headed by Mr. Aramori, former exclusive trainer of Japan’s Shunsuke Nakamura soccer ball, is going to introduce Symbol payment.


Thank you very much for the information.
I hope that we here in the forum, hear much more about the Japanese projects.



Private sauna for rent

Max 4 people for 2 hours by reservation
Fee 1500xym
Location→Tokachi, Hokkaido
JPY is not available.

It is hard to prepare water bath and firewood, so we set a high price.
You can use all the fir essential oil you want in the lauryu.
Completely private room with no other customers.

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List of stores that accept Symbol (XYM) payment

The following is a list of stores that accept Symbol(XYM) payment.
If you have any questions, please contact the shop.
If you have any questions, please contact the store.

List of online stores that accept Symbol (XYM) payment

The following is a list of online stores that accept Symbol (XYM) payment.
If you have any questions, please contact the seller before purchasing.
If you have any questions, please contact the seller before making a purchase.

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symbol monster

Throw XYM to complete the strongest symbol monster!

1、The more you throw XYM, the bigger the monster will be.
2、The person who throws XYM can send a request for what kind of monster they want the monster to grow up to be.
3、The person who throws XYM the most gets the right to use the finished illustration freely and to be the godfather of the monster.

Xym sweety has born…


Harvest Monitor

Notification of harvesting (Japanese yen price also displayed)
Monitoring of harvest delegation validity
Multiple wallet balance confirmation (supports display of Japanese yen prices)
Transaction notification (receive only)

If you don’t have Telegram installed, please install it.

XymHarvestMonitor is a bot that works with a chat application called Telegram.

If you have an AppleWatch, you can install it on your iPhone and it will automatically send notifications to your Apple Watch.


Marriage line reading service by palm reading

delegate node service

I’d like to offer my marriage line reading service for free, exclusively to those who delegate to my node! We’ve sold 795 cases on a certain website, and our rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars, so I’d say we have a good reputation! I’m currently on sales hiatus, so this is a special service just for delegates! Please feel free to contact me if you want!

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Trends in node operations

The Japanese use a variety of methods to manage their nodes.

Reduction type node

Equal division by delegator
The node reward for a certain period of time is divided equally among the delegators.
Fear of double-delegation
High merit for low importance ⇔ Low merit for high importance

Node reward back at harvest
Delegator returns node reward at a certain rate at the time of harvest
Fear of competition with non-revenue nodes, etc.
Lower merit for low importance
0% node collection for ngl nodes (but low importance nodes cannot move in)
Event reward type
Returned by lottery or harvest block number lottery from delegates every certain period

Support type node

Direct support type node
Support by delegating to a node of a developer or an activist
The delegator is positioned as a supporter
Support proxy node (New!)
The operator or delegator selects and supports the hottest developer or activist of the moment
"I’m glad I did it! Investment in the spread of Symbol
⇒If you find someone you want to support for a long time, the delegator can move to the node at his/her own discretion.

Privilege type node

Provide benefits according to the delegation period, number of harvests, etc.
If it is something that can be purchased, it can be easily compared to the redemption type in terms of “yen”.
In some cases, personal information needs to be disclosed for material benefits.
I wonder if our node falls into this category…!

Stealthy node

The behind-the-scenes supporters of the Symbol network without any benefits or advertising

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Symbol version Apostille demo

By utilizing the Symbol blockchain-based notary service, Apostille, documents can be signed between two companies.
Apostille utilizes multi-sig accounts, which can also be used to represent the transfer or joint ownership of rights such as real estate or paintings.
It can also be used simply as a timestamp for wills and other documents.

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Symbol Node Updater

  • Update symbol-bootstrap to the latest version.
  • Apply updates of preset.yml (preset file).
  • Batch update of multiple nodes.

Symbol Node Builder

This is a tool to easily build Symbol nodes (peer, api) on your own nodes (including VPS). You can build Symbol nodes on your own environment with flexible configurations and settings that cannot be achieved with services such as Allnodes. The following functions are supported.

  • Batch construction of multiple nodes
  • Delegator limit can be freely set
  • Delegator policy (Importance order or First-come-first-served order) can be freely set
  • Freely configurable node description
  • Support for HTTPS
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Introducing the Symbol God Tool!

These are all tools that I use frequently. I can’t thank the developers enough.
Symbol has been launched only a month and a half ago, but there are a lot of useful tools for node operators and harvesters.

[1] [Account Information] XEMBook
[2] [Harvest Information] Symbol-Tool Harvest Acquisition Unit Price Calculation
[3] [Node Information] Symbol-Tool PeerNode Confirmation Tool
[4] [Harvest Information] Symbol-Tool Delegation Status Checker
[5] Node Monitor Beta Ver. for NEM / Symbol
[6] [Harvest Information] Next Harvest Block Prediction
[7] [Node Information] Peers Information Checker!
[8] [Harvest Information] Farmers History
[9] [Node Info] LandLoaders History
[10] [Node Information] UnlockedAccount Investigator
[11] [Harvest Notification] Xym-Harvest-Monitor
[12] [Harvest Notification] Symbol Watcher
[13] [Node Information] Symbol Node Viewer (Under Development)
[14] [Node Information] Symbol Node Watcher
[15] [Node Information] Symbol Node List
[16] [Communication] NEMLOG (Symbol version)
[17] [Node Information] Node Monitoring LINE Bot (beta version)
[18] [Node Information] XymHarvesting Node List & Node Map
[19] [Node construction] Symbol-Node-Builder

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payment at a festival in Yokohama

I’ve introduced XYM payment at a festival in Yokohama!

All of a sudden, I was asked to pitch for a minute.
I’ve been appealing for NEM/Symbol in a great festival in Kannai.
I’ve been promoting NEM/Symbol!

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NEM/Symbol payment map

User side
I know that NEM and Symbol payments are available, but I don’t know where I can make a payment.
"I don’t know if they accept NEM/Symbol payment now.

Store side
"I introduced NEM/Symbol payment, but no one is using it.
"We’ve introduced NEM/Symbol payment, but it’s not well communicated.
I created this site to avoid such situations.

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Miyakojima Cart

XYM payment has been introduced in Miyako Island, about 300km southwest of Okinawa Island :palm_tree::sunny:The local navigator will take you to the best spots that only the locals know :racing_car: on a cart!

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