Japanese Symbol Culture and Activity

essential oils

Born in Tokachi, Hokkaido, “2052” essential oil is 100% naturally derived.
Poroshiri, the main peak of the Hidaka mountain range, which means “big mountain” in the Ainu language and brings the blessings of nature to Tokachi.
Poroshiri," the main peak of the Hidaka Mountains. The essential oil of “2052” is named after its altitude.
The essential oil of “2052” is produced one by one in the region of Memuro, overlooking the mountain range.

The essential oil of Abies sachalinensis in “2052” is 100% naturally derived.
The fragrance is extracted from the leaves and branches of Abies sachalinensis, which grows in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and has the freshness and softness of a lush forest.
Use it in saunas, living rooms, bedrooms, and other places where you want to relax and regulate your body and mind.

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NEMscription Platform – OPEN EXPERIMENT

By sending a transaction indicating your willingness to participate in the open experiment to the specified address, you will be able to receive the following services for a certain period of time.

In this open experiment, the service will be provided free of charge, but if you set up the service so that it will not be executed unless a certain amount of money is sent in a “transaction indicating the willingness to participate,” you can easily build a subscription billing system that allows you to receive the service for a certain period of time by sending a certain amount of money. If this is done, a subscription billing system can be easily established.

Let’s take a look at the additional features we’ve implemented!

Originally, the “NEMscription Open Experiment” was a public experiment in the principle of a subscription platform using NEM, and it was a service (experiment) that "allowed users to use the node monitoring function for a certain period of time after the subscription transaction.

If we change this part of “can monitor nodes” to “can listen to music”, “can be given the right to use apps”, or “can be used as a key to enter facilities”, we will prove that the same principle can be used to realize subscription billing for various services (public chain). This is an experiment to prove that the same principle can be used to realize subscription billing for various services (to let people who want to create apps using public chains know about it as a real experience).

So far, this is what you can experience in the previous experiment.

This time, by participating in this “NEMscription Public Experiment”, we will also be able to receive special services from XEMBook during the period when we are using the node monitoring function.



IchiGoWallet now supports MainNet!


Symbol real coin

I commissioned SAKAMOTO Co., Ltd. to produce our SYMBOL Real Coins, as they produce NEM & SYMBOL Cloisonne coins.
We believe that we have been able to deliver a coin of high quality without compromising on quality and materials, while keeping the metallic feel of the coin in mind.

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Yamashita Coffee

We sell coffee roasted with a hand-operated roasting machine in Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.

My brother suggested that I introduce Symbol payment, and that’s when I first learned about Symbol.
I found out that there are people who support the introduction of the payment system.
I found out that there are people who support the introduction of the payment system, and that there is a community to introduce and support the stores that have introduced the system.
In my mind, crypto assets still have a strong image of investment.
I’m still a little afraid of it, but I don’t want to be afraid of something outside my common sense and knowledge without knowing anything about it, so I decided to take on this challenge.

Coffee beans roasted in a custom-made hand-roasting machine.
The beans are called Premium Chocolat from Brazil.
The roast level is medium-deep roast.
It has a bitterness and richness with a hint of sweetness to match the Japanese taste.
I think this coffee is close to what you imagine when you hear the word "coffee flavor.
This time, we will introduce Symbol payment only for mail order.

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