Catapult Critical Development Information

Any chance we could get the critical/useful build information concerning Catapult?


  1. Recommended compiler, GNU vs Clang
  2. Minimum versions of gcc/g++/C++
  3. Preferred development environment & tools (or what Jag/Gimre are using)

It took me quite a while to set up the right environment - it’s compiling now, but I’d prefer to use the same settings as the core team.



if you just want to run the server it is recommended to use:

if you want to build it:

  1. g++/clang/msvc are all supported
  2. official docker builds are using g++ 7.2.0 and/or clang 6.0.0
  3. we all use different editors/debuggers/etc, so use whichever setup you are most comfortable with :slight_smile:
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Are you using a particular version of Boost?

boost, currently 1.64.0

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