Catapult Developers Preview: SDK - Discussion Thread

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If you are interested in working in NEM Foundation, check this web page

NEM Blockchain ( is searching for top profiles for any of these roles:

  • Senior Backend Developer (C++) + 1 of the bonus
  • Senior Backend Developer (Node.js/MongoDB)+ 1 of the bonus
  • Senior Frontend Developer (Typescript, Javascript)+ 1 of the bonus
  • Senior QA Engineer
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • UX Designer

BONUS: Penetration Testing, Python, PHP, GO, Ruby, Swift

Please check for more info or email [email protected]


The issue is that all of them are located in Belguim and working remotely doesn’t seem to be supported. Shame really.

@memario , working remotely is supported. We will remove the location on each job description :slight_smile:

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Oh, thx.

Using Java development?


check the Java SDK here