Catapult Developers Preview: SDK - Discussion Thread

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If you are interested in working in NEM Foundation, check this web page

NEM Blockchain ( is searching for top profiles for any of these roles:

  • Senior Backend Developer (C++) + 1 of the bonus
  • Senior Backend Developer (Node.js/MongoDB)+ 1 of the bonus
  • Senior Frontend Developer (Typescript, Javascript)+ 1 of the bonus
  • Senior QA Engineer
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • UX Designer

BONUS: Penetration Testing, Python, PHP, GO, Ruby, Swift

Please check for more info or email


The issue is that all of them are located in Belguim and working remotely doesn’t seem to be supported. Shame really.

@memario , working remotely is supported. We will remove the location on each job description :slight_smile:

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Oh, thx.

Using Java development?


check the Java SDK here