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Dear NEM community. As part of the reorg, among other things, I’m leading the initial team that will be making a Catapult mobile wallet from the foundation or foundation service provider. I would like to ask you what crypto mobile wallet you like the best.


You’re a star mate, merci beaucoup!
Wallets I use:
NEM mobile (IoS)
KID Wallet- XEM/mosaic
The KID wallet we did for the KIDLetCoin project is a fork of NEMPay which is pretty solid. The only barrier for IOS was Apple’s requirements were seen as unfriendly to crypto wallets. We may reconsider.
Hope everyone else chimes in too!

Mycelium for Bitcoin. I dig its cleanliness and it has features other wallets don’t have like the cold storage spending thing.

For shitcoins it’s Coinomi. I’m not a fan of the UI but it certainly has plenty of choice.

For a fantasy wallet I would want -

A super clean front end with all the cleverer stuff further back that can be delved into a logical manner.

Ongoing development for both mobile OS’s. Most wallets straddling both seem to give up on one of them and never come back.

The ability to cater to every single capability of the system it’s servicing - witness the repeated moans about the existing NEM wallet not being able to do much or anything with mosaics.


My preferred mobile crypto wallet would be Copay. That is because of its simplicity to use, multi wallet and multisig capabilities, and open source. Forked by the byteball team, it shows the possibility of multi coin as well.

Other than that, coinomi has a pretty fair multicoin feature… but very basic.

When it comes to NEM wallets, I have not used a lot of mobile wallets but have had very good returns about Raccoon Wallet.

NEM has a Chrome plug in wallet???


Yes I have tried it before but just once. Feels a bit too easy and quick to access the wallet…

I have just stuck to the native NEM wallet which can definitely do with good UX/UI…

I’ve tried Mycelium, Jaxx, Bread, Meteor, Wirex, CoinJar etc. but have not used them regularly enough to make a good comment about it.

The copay wallet has a great introduction which should be taken as inspiration for the setup process of wallets/accounts. A big problem with the travesty that is the nem mobile wallet is that people don’t make backups because they were never told to. An introductory guide at the beginning solves that.

Step 2 is not to do whatever the heck was done last time. It took ages to bring that wallet to the market and it was and is garbage even after all that time and money spent.

I don’t even care about features, just don’t make it as shitty as the last one.

Yeah, besides the usual features, at minimum the wallet should have this functionality out of the box:

  • Intro into the wallet
  • Send, receive, and view mosaics (including XEM of course)
  • View and sign multisignature and aggregate bonded transactions
  • Wallet backup

All of these just take a few lines of code each, haha, so not too hard to implement. A wallet is usually one of the first impressions of a blockchain by an ordinary person, so it at least should showcase NEM’s main features :slight_smile:


We actually took away from the Copay introduction and modified it for Chameleon wallet. Here is a demo of Chameleon.
We are in the process of adding NEM functions to the mobile wallet now.

It’s already in beta so feel free to contact us if you want to test it.

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I hope a CSV export of all transactions will be part of the wallet this time.

( one of the basic properties nowadays )

It’s an interesting feature to say the least for accounting purposes. I will add it to our queue

A wallet I really like is the NEM Wallet Pro for Android. Jon did a really amazing job with the current one.

Hi NEM friends,

I see you guys know a lot in terms of NEM mobile wallet. Do you happen to have some positive feedback in regards to this wallet :

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Thank you guys for all your comments. I have been reading these and those in Nemberia to get feedback.

As a small update, I have been working with Kumar the last 2 weeks coming up with a design for the Catapult mobile wallet and we are making good progress. This will be a wallet that the NEM community will like.

Not everything has been planned out for this app though so I’m trying to get feedback and review other apps that are really liked by others.


Added to queue

May I suggest to not only take inspirations and use-cases from just crypto wallets out there but also the usual mobile banking apps? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Good suggestion, will keep in mind when we will go through the wallet UI/UX, there are some really good and really terrible mobile banking apps we can learn from.

Thanks for the update @jabo38, looking forward to see the final out come from this soon.

I use iOS, hope that those who try it get to let us know how it goes!

Would it be possible for the new catapult mobile wallet to have support for all networks I mean Testnet, Mijin and Mainnet like the current desktop Nanowallet has?!

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+1, should be as universal as possible. Luckily all of the SDKs provide an enum for each, so it would be very simple to incorporate as a setting within the app

I can add that to the roadmap and settings. At least for the official testnet. If there is another very powerful Mijin network or Private chain, we could add support for it.