Catapult Server


Building a catapult server is difficult.
Even if build it, it can not be executed.

Please tell me the correct procedure.
We want to summarize knowledge with this thread.

Beneficial information


・Build START(Japanese)


What error do you get?


The challengers are failing across the board.
First of all, I hope the core team will release the recommended procedure.


What do you mean?


You need to provide appropriate instruction which people can follow.
People don’t even know which version of software to use.
I saw lots of complaints on twitter.


Many Japanese engineers are challenging. And everyone failed to build.
This is due to a description of the procedure that is not very friendly.

Some people have succeeded in building, but no one has Run up the server yet.


What are the procedure after building it?
Apparently several executable files have been generated but what should we do before execute them?
It’s lacking necessary information.


you need nemesis block and you need network description inside peers, currently we’re not helping with that. TB will probably be releasing ready to use system, where you’ll be able to play with network.


There is a report that RUN has succeeded.
For your reference



Congratulations! :slight_smile:

  1. What platform are you building on? We have not needed to link lpthread explicitly for any of our platforms so far.
  2. You probably have figured this out already, but there is a publish build target that needs to be executed before building the tools.
  3. You can modify to create a custom nemesis block (the current one is just a placeholder). And, in fact, we have added the seed directory back into the repo (it was accidentally removed during the port from our public to private repository).
  4. You can run all our tests using ctest.



It with docker container.


Catapult in Slackware Linux 14.2


It is a reality the pride I feel when I see these Venezuelan compatriots, my friends, do this tremendous work !! and their great capaciades to innovate never cease to surprise me, it was an honor to have come to work with them, with the best!.
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i encounter this problem when docker compose up…how to solve it?


What operating system/version and which docker version are you running?

One thing to try to double check is to try a ./clean-data or ./clean-all and start from scratch to see if consistently get the same behavior


running with windows 10 with latest docker

should i use linux OS instead?


you have found any solution? i also encountered that error using windows 10