Catapult Training for developers and implementers


Hi all!

I am preparing a technical training for Catapult, which I will structure it like this:

Nem2 | Catapult for Developers

  • Level | Beginners
  • Duration | 20 hours per module
  • Oriented to | Application (App) Development
  • Laboratory Programming Languages | JavaScript, Golang
  • Laboratory Operating System | Linux


Module I:

  • Introduction

  • What is Catapult?

  • Namespaces

  • Mosaics

  • Cryptography

    • Private and Public Keys
    • Account Addresses

  • Transactions
    • Types of transactions.
    ◦ Transfer Transaction.
    ◦ Register Namespace Transaction
    ◦ Mosaic Definition Transaction
    ◦ Mosaic Supply Change Transaction
    ◦ Modify Multisig Account Transaction
    ◦ Aggregate Complete Transaction
    ◦ Aggregate Bonded Transactions
    ◦ Signing Announced Aggregate Bonded Transactions

Module II:

  • Introduction to the Catapult SDKs

  • Creation environment development

  • NEM2-CLI

  • API Rest
    • Types of queries
    • Get Accounts info
    • Get Transactions info
    • Get Mosaic info
    • Get Namespace info
    • Get BlockChain info
    • Get Network info

  • Websocket

• Channels
• block
• confirmedAdded
• unconfirmedAdded
• unconfirmedRemoved
• partialAdded
• partialRemoved
• cosignature
• status

  • Raw data decoding.

Module III:

  • Multi-Signature Accounts
  • Registering Namespaces
  • Registering Mosaics
  • Mosaics Definition
  • Create Transfer-Type Transactions
  • Multi-Signature Transaction Signature.

Module IV:

  • Multi-Signature, Multi-Level Accounts
  • Aggregated Transactions
  • Aggregate bonded Transactions
  • Aggregate bonded Transactions Signature

Nem2 | Catapult for Implementers

  • Level | Advanced
  • Duration | 20 hours
  • Oriented to | Computer Engineers
  • Lab Operating System | Linux


  • Introduction

  • What is Catapult?

  • Catapult Layers

  • Nodes
    • P2P Components
    • Node Types
    • Node Reputation

  • REST API Server

  • MongoDB Server

  • Building & Installing Nodes

  • PEER-Type Node configuration

  • API-Type Node configuration

  • Installing MongoDB

  • Compiling and installing the REST API Server

  • REST API Server Configuration

  • NEMESIS Block Generation

  • Catapult Blockchain Start-up

  • Transaction Test

I would appreciate your comments very much


I think the training/implementation modules look very solid covering every aspect of NEM from a technological point of view in a logical progresssive and cohesive order.

That being said, I am curious till what extent these are modules meant for those who are being hired by the NEM foundation or whether they are meant to attract new NEM engineers and implementers.

Will they be aware of the kinds of private and public projects that can be built on NEM, the upcoming STO revolution and why NEM as a smart asssett platform as a good match? Will they know where to start, are there bounties for projects funded by the NEM foundation? Will they be aware of the ways in which to apply for NEM funding? I am sure tech people will love tech for the sake of tech, but when I look at youtube channels like “Ivan on Tech” I see, in my estimation, that the stress is about 50 percent on the tech and 50 percent on the happenings in the bigger picture in the world of blockchain, so I 'd like to know how do these developers and implementers become motivated and aware of the fact that they are part of something big. Thank you.

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Hello, thank you very much for your comments

These courses are intended in principle for SI Companies, with at least 10 developers each. In this way, a significant number of new companies and developers will be added to the ecosystem.

With this strategy, we will strengthen our ecosystem, increase the possibility that new Startups take NEM into account as a solid option, as opposed to other Blockchain, since these new developers and SI Companies, should recommend NEM as the best option. Besides having SI prepared with a high level of understanding of Catapult, we will be able to attend to more governmental requests (when applicable).

Also one of my strategies with this training is that we train new coaches and in this way we can generate interest and exponential growth

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Thanks for the clarication. It does make a lot of sense to go after SI Companies. I hope you’ll be able to deliver interesting presentations/instructions and motivate and inspire SI companies to stick around, thereby ultimately and inevitably bearing much fruits for the NEM eco-system. Would be nice if you could give a short summary update to the community after these courses; how it all went, how many were attending etc. That’d be really appreciated.

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Thank you, of course, that is part of the plan, to deliver the results with a summary to the community.