Catapult × https


I would like to associate node with https.
Do you know how to do it?
I’m using catapult-server-bootstrap.


The best way to do this, would probably be to use nginx for proxying https calls to your node (or remotes).

Another way is to find a list of HTTPS-supporting nodes, but there will only be a handful of those, if any… And this, strongly reduces the distributed aspect of your application. If any of those nodes go down, your app will not work anymore.

I recommend to use nginx proxies because nginx is perfect for that and the configuration is simple enough and can be googled quite easily :v:


Thank you gevs.
I’m trying https response at the node I am building.


You can find HTTPS-supporting nodes.
{“https”:[ … , …, …]}

This site lists nodes with good response speed once an hour.
If “last_update” becomes obsolete, please refrain from using it.
most of them is Japanese node.
In Japan, volunteer SN holders support HTTPS in good faith.