Certified nem blockchain integrator for key cities

I stumbled upon an idea for NEM’s sake.

A got a friend who is building a project and I recommended NEM as its blockchain engine as opposed to other blockchain. He accepted my recommendation but…

He has started developing the project, and he realized he needs an experienced system integrator into NEM blockchain. He started bugging me the on NEM library. I was a coder with the old retired db3+, and COBOL. I can’t even remember how to do it anymore. I was so burdened but I can’t help him.

With this burden I thought what if NEM has a ready system integration in key cities where NEM has presense? So that whenever, a project is coming up, project developer have some one to run to. That would be a sweet add-in flavor for NEM Foundation. I don’t know if it will be the first blockchain with a ready system integrator in key cities. I just thought that if project developer would know that NEM has a ready reserve officer (haha like a ready reserve especial ops!) standing by and ready to assist on some projects in the integration process to NEM blockchain, I just think more project devs will jump-in to using NEM blockchain.

I asked myself though, where can you find NEM integrator? I can’t think of the easiest way, but why not forming a NEM platoon, train them, and deploy to key cities or perhaps, offer a FREE learning module online and make it open to any interested coders, then those who have undergone with the complete module is required to take a NEM Certification, and once they have been certified, they can be listed as NEM integrator for NEM Blockchain in that country. If NEM will pay them hmm that one I don’t know.

Maybe…just maybe…these certified NEM blochain can act as consultant for NEM blockchain related projects in each country and key cities. Yeah, they can register it as their business, I’m referring to the certified NEM-BC, and they just got a business to run.

It’s just an imagination though. But I myself would like to start realizing it!


Great idea !

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I too second it… We should have nem integrators in key geographic locations

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Devslopes did a good job in giving away 50 Free Copies of our NEM Training Course, I got one copy from them!

We need NEM Integrator trainers. In the long run we can expand users and can attract more project to run on top of NEM if we will build the young people of this generation to get into NEM integration lessons. Imagine in 10 years the most popular and widely supported and the ONLY blockchain with a tech support per cities is NEM.

Much more if NEM can created a degree course and apply accreditation for each key countries, imagine private universities in SEA offering Bachelor of Science in Blockchain Teachnology Major in NEM Blockchain! Imagine the impact each graduation day NEM is producing NEM experts the fruit will be tremendous!


I looking for NEM devs in MIlan (Italie)

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This is a great idea especially coming from a startup point of view!

Although I believe there are some software organisations that have a focus on NEM integration and blockchain solutions. Our start up, Mobi (which focuses on carpooling for the work commute) is currently working with a Melbourne based team who was recommended by the NEM team who specialise in NEM integration.