ChainZilla NEM Blockchain Kit


Projects can use ChainZilla’s solutions to evolve and transform their digital processes by leveraging blockchain and financial technologies. For companies in most industries, the status quo has been disturbed — The digital revolution changed the game. To have an edge and keep up with expectations it is critical to stay competitive and innovate continuously.

ChainZilla Blockchain Kits offer a quick path to leveraging blockchain and distributed ledger technology in the key business areas specific to your industry. Here is how our blockchain kits work:

Blockchain Development Workflow


Many companies need to employ real-time control and exceptional management for their digital processes. Today, building a scalable network with existing technologies is complex to set up and hard to manage. To create a blockchain network, each network member needs to manually provision
hardware, install software, create and manage certificates for access control, and configure networking components.

ChainZilla’s blockchain solutions redefine the development experience by leveraging technologies from various platforms and merging them under one service. By combining our technical and practical knowledge of multiple blockchain platforms you and your customers are able to design and launch the most efficient blockchain applications for your industry. By providing an overview of the pros and cons of each platform you can compare and plan the most efficient strategy for blockchain implementation.


Companies face challenges to implement new technologies such as blockchain efficiently.

Our blockchain solutions address:

  • ChainZilla blockchain solutions supports four popular blockchain frameworks, Ethereum, Komodo Platform, NEM, and Qtum
  • We can easily scale your blockchain network as the usage of applications on the networkgrows over time
  • Reliable information on the latest and most secure blockchain technologies
  • Leveraging a wide network of partners to offer you and your customers support in areas suchas marketing, community building, ICO / STO management, and KYC / AML compliance


  • Our blockchain solutions can result in benefits such as:
  • Reduced development time
  • Reduced cost
  • Optimized user experience based on continuous feedback
  • Constant upgrades
  • IT Support and Security Reports
  • Scalability


Our blockchain kit software includes:

  • Tokenization or Smart Contract on the following platforms: Ethereum, NEM, Komodo, & Qtum
  • Wallet Application: White Label or implementation to our wallets
  • Block Explorer: A web tool that provides detailed information about blocks, addresses, and transactions
  • SPV Nodes: Simple Payment Verification is a technique described in Bitcoin’s technical paper. It allows a lightweight client to verify that a transaction is included in the Bitcoin blockchain, without downloading the entire blockchain. This software is necessary for mobile and lightweight


  • (Our Initial Coin Offering and Security Token Offering services include:
    Investor Dashboard: Customizable investor dashboard to setup a token sale
  • Automated Airdrops: Custom airdrop bots to carry out marketing campaigns
  • Token Sale Configuration: Process all incoming transactions from investors, while also performing real-time token distribution
  • KYC / AML: Integrated system for KYC/AML checks on your customers
    Exchange Listing: Leverage our network of partners to strategically place your token on an exchange
  • ICO: An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering is a type of funding using cryptocurrencies
  • STO: Tokenizing private securities such as real estate, company equity, investment funds


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