Change Your Mind About Bitcoin


People says Bitcoin is not a currency. Again someone says that Bitcoin is only a bubble, it will never be universally recognized. Some countries have banned Bitcoins so that illegal activities will not be increased in the country. Because some of time bitcoin use for terror works.Some people say that investment in bitcoin is not profitable. There are some other such complaints about Bitcoin.
Really, people’s complaints about Bitcoin are correct?


I sold all my Bitcoin for xem…
… well in this market its a gamblers share.


.Some people say that investment in bitcoin is profitable. why you can not hold?


I found Nem more interesting when I got into crypto and
I never held much BTC anyway.


I don’t think so, probably those people had a bad experience with bitcoin that’s why they are dissatisfied, and criticize it. Bitcoin is an alternative currency with multi-functions. It successfully performs as a method of payment allowing making micropayments, faster transactions with low fees. For the first time for 5 thousand years of money existence, humanity invented something that is better than gold. Something that is more difficult to obtain, secure, transportable, and dividable. Moreover, bitcoin is decentralized, and its rate doesn’t depend on any country or currency. Bitcoin was never used for terror works, and the time when it was used for the illegal purchase of drugs has also passed because all the transaction are trackable. Currently, the price is low, but it’s one of the downtrend phases that will sooner or later finish. It isn’t a quick get rich scheme and you should be patient to get profit.