Changelly is dissapointing in its fees


Changelly seems to charge more than a little bit. I not buying anymore NEM untill they solve the exchange rates. I am losing almost half my value!

I found this post, I feel the same: is charging NO fees! (But no NEM support yet :frowning:)


Changelly gets their XEM from Poloniex at the current market rate, from what I understand. They then charge a .5% fee, but you are paying for the convenience. It is also possible they have a minimum fee on small purchases as well.

I suggest you use an exchange like poloniex, zaif, or bittrex if you are looking for the best rates.


With this blockchange revolution, wouldn’t a free trading system dominate everything?

Free money, free trading, that would make everybody use this system, and NEM obviously because it is reliable and safe :smiley: and fun :smiley: <3

NEM world dominance :smiley: <3 with love! I want love as a currency also, sell and buy hearts :smiley: <3

Sorry I am getting off topic here. Let us keep being happy, and thank all NEM people for this awesome platform! <3

#4 is a nice decentralized exchange. It doesnt have a lot of XEM trading activity though


Wow! you are right! The worst was the bait and switch! While it was processing, it told me my money would buy 202 XEM, with a fee of 7. I ended up with 150! One quarter of my money was eaten up in fees. not cool.


This is the reality of blockchain. The hidden, indirect, and direct fees don’t keep up fast enough with price spikes, that or the fees are not reasonable for micro-transactions. This is ultimately the first hurdle in wide spread adoption is going from free/subsidized offerings to pay-to-play model. Older people will be more familiar with it, but younger folks who are used to free services are now feeling it. All the costs the seller used to incur in a centralized business is now passed on to the buyer.


I know this is like 2 months later but changelly has gotten even worse! I’m replying to your comment @saul because by what you say they get it from poloniex at the current market rate, correct? Well take a look at the following screenies and explain it please… because i almost fell into the hole…

And this was taken right now, just opened the tabs… the exchange rate by changelly is pretty much double… now i ask you with tears in my eyes, Why? I’d like Nem to pin a post that warns people of this please… I almost spent $150 buying XEM at that rate…


I have used Changelly to trade XEM, the price has always been fair.

On the first screenshot, yes Changelly does not give a good rate when dealing with cash. I assume they have higher fees, to compensate for the chargebacks they get. No one is forcing you to give Changelly cash.

Second screenshot show a fair exchange rate. I don’t think you are reading the rates correctly. Also you should be comparing Poloniex/Changelly, not Coinmarketcap/Changelly.


1stly, if there are extra fees when using cash then they need to be fair and transparent and indicate it as extra fees. but absorbing it into the “exchange rate” is dodgy and tells people they’re hiding something. And when i took those screenshots, the rate that coinmarketcap was using was poloniex’s rate… i also just realized that the second screenshot does show a reasonable rate but offering 1btc at double the exchange rate when buying with usd is not fair at all and people need to be aware of it… I’m saying this as a complete noob who has not bought his own btc and i almost paid double what i can get it for simply because that “buy/sell instantly” link on coinmarket links directly to changelly so most people expect that the rate they see on coinmarket is what they’re about to pay. All I’m asking is for the people here to sticky a note warning people that there are hidden fees when buying with usd through changelly and they’re going to end up paying double the actual cost of a bitcoin or xem or whatever else they’re buying.


There are very high fees at every credit card to BTC gateway. I do not think this a specific issue with Changelly. The best way to get BTC is to NOT use Changelly.
If you want to get the best BTC rate, you should set up an account at an exchange that offers a fiat gateway, and wire the fiat from your bank account to the exchange. There are many options, and the one you want will depend on your fiat currency. Obviously this is a lot more work than using Changelly. You are paying for convenience.

All in all, I do think a guide for new users on how to get the best exchange rate is a good idea. However, I don’t see a need to call out Changelly.


You’e not understanding why I’m saying we need to call out changelly. I understand that they might be charging higher fees for using fiat through changelly. what i’m saying is that they’re not transparent about it! they’re hiding it as an “echange rate” when it’s clearly a transaction fee just so that they can claim that they never charge more than a $0.05 transaction fee. that’s what I’m saying needs to be told to the new people. that Changelly hides the extra transaction fees as an exchange rate. which is completely dishonest in my opinion… Go look at the most expensive current USD/BTC exchange rate and compare it with changelly. It’s almost $1500 more for 1BTC through changely than the most expensive exchange rate online. that’s what i’m saying the new guys like me should be warned about.


EDIT 2: and sure the other gateways also charge high fees when buying with fiat but they atleast tell you why your rate is so high and you get a breakup of your fees etc.


Changelly is pretty bad.

Here is a list of other exchanges to get started with:


40.00 on a 200.00 transaction to buy XRP? No thanks.


Fees are high. Like 20% to get XEM.


You may need to register at two exchanges.
One local reputable local exchange to buy Bitcoin.
And another international exchange like Bitrex, Binance etc, so you can send your BTC there to buy Alts.

I assume this for those that do not have access to a local exchange that lists the alts they are interested in.

It’s how I buy xem, do a price compare.

At this time of writing Changelly price for xem is .12USD
Bitrex price for xem is .10USD

So there is a 20% increase of the lower price and that is without even comparing fees.

The same can be said for the prices of BTC at local exchanges.
Unfortunately exchanges with very little local competition can take advantage of this with premium prices so shop around for the very cheapest.

It may not sound like much yet at one exchange your outlay is $100 and at another it is $120.
Still dont sound like much?
How about $1000 and $1200?
How about $5000 or $6000.



I agree with you man. Not only is its fee disappointing, but it is also cheating innocent people`s money. I have been a victim to them. I am telling this as per my experience, they are running a scam business.

Changelly Review and WARNING!

Talking about Changelly, it’s a sheer scam for those who get captivated to the royal ilusionary earnings upon swaping your precious money.

Below are my personal experience that I have shared in conclusion to my dealings with Changelly.

Changelly does have a note about KYC in their Terms of service, however there is nothing to indicate that they will take your money and refuse to give it back. A more honest company would require KYC before taking customer funds, and refuse to transact if they found something suspicious.

In the emails, changelly does a lot of virtue-signalling about trying to prevent crime, however in our interactions, there is only one party that is attempting to confiscate and steal money, and that party is not me.

You can read the whole story @ Changelly Review and WARNING - Changelly may attempt to confiscate your funds


As an option, you can register with two exchanges. Use one fiat to crypto exchange like say Cex to buy bitcoin ( and another like Binance or Bittrex to exchange your bitcoins for altcoins - they have the largest selection of alts ( Still mind reliability and security of the exchanges you will eventually choose.