China releases crypto ranking?

So Nem is ranked 31.
Why is China releasing this stuff? I thought China set massive bans on crypto.
And if anyone anyone feels like making a comment or explanation of Nems ranking here, please do so.
Is this biased?
Also some have said being in the top 30 these days is pretty good, since there is 1500 coins or so.

I would definitely take it with a grain of salt. Stratis for example is usually very highly ranked but now it’s low. Bitcoin is below IOTA and on and on.

About NEM’s ranking and also considering that EOS is number one, they probably consider txps to be a very important ranking factor. Same with NEO, ranked way above where it should be, probably because of it’s speed.

China didn’t set bans on crypto exactly. They’re just trying to protect their people from getting ripped off. Chinese are suckers for Ponzi and get rich quick schemes. Actually local governments are super blockchain friendly but strongly against speculating and gambling on it. The media mistranslates articles to generate clicks. Just ignore them.

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I wonder who the reviewers actually are and if NEM is going to be launched officially in Southeast Asia.

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I wonder who the reviewers actually are

Probably Trevon James and Carlos Matos…