CHOICE :: A Liberated Payments Protocol - NEM Community Fund Proposal

Choice has landed at Creative HQ :rocket::tada:

The team is getting settled into New Zealand’s leading financial technology accelerator - keep your eyes and ears posted as we will be launching the voting on the Choice community proposal within the next week :100::rocket:


@r3n3 We are looking to schedule the start of our voting for this coming Monday 19th February :alarm_clock::tada:We do not have certainty on when the update will be released so we are looking to not let this hold our progress back, we are currently in discussions with @n3lz0n, @nzminer & @jason.lee to get this off the ground :rocket::tada:


“Kiwis making Kiwis better off” - that’s why we’re partnering with Kiwibank to deliver a better way to pay for New Zealand.

Check out our interview with Peter Fletcher-Dobson from Kiwibank below :slight_smile:


Alex & Fraser caught up with Peter Fletcher-Dobson from Kiwibank earlier in the week - we are excited about the partnership!


Choice - Working with New Zealand Banks and Regulators to bring a tangible blockchain payment protocol to life

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CHECK IT OUT :film_projector:

Alex from Choice was fortunate enough to catch up with Alex from NEM Insider earlier in the week, check out the full interview below - Congrats to all of the NEM Global Hackathon Winners!

The Choice Telegram Channel is where you can join the conversation!

The team at Choice would like to announce an update to our Community Fund Proposal - Please see below

We believe this is the most respectful and fair way to launch NEM and Choice into 2018 and beyond - we would love to hear your comments

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Im happy with this amount given the current market conditions.


:white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: Polling is now open for our proposal through the NEM NanoWallet Voting feature (located under Services).

Please use the poll address: NDZLLL2IIBNWUUH77GM66PJZ4XU5F7SBMUODTML4

If you find the Voting feature has been disabled or you have not updated your NanoWallet, you can still vote by sending a 0 XEM transaction directly to one of the addresses below:

To Vote Yes send 0 XEM to:


To Vote No send 0 XEM to:


Thanks NEM community for all of your support to date!

Thank you NEM community for voting so far! We cannot wait to bring another project to life with NEM

I am happy to vote yes here.
I like the idea and the energy.
I like the youth and enthusiasm, NZ have always been a very innovative bunch of folk.


Thanks for the encouragement @xemnewbie! :raised_hands:
The energy is always high in the Choice camp - we are bringing start-up methodology to the blockchain world at a lightning pace. Combine this with the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator and the power of the NEM blockchain, we believe we have the perfect storm! We will be bringing payment with Choice to Australia and the globe in no time at all! We look forward to sharing the journey with you :rocket::tada:

May the force be with you :zap: Choice co-founder Ossie Amir, was in discussions yesterday with Liam Mason Director of Regulation at the Financial Markets Authority (FMA)

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The NEM community is strong! Thanks for your support so far - only 6 days left to vote, show your support by getting behind the first NEM project in New Zealand!

We cannot thank the NEM Community for your outstanding support to date! We are almost there - if you haven’t already voted don’t miss out!

Click here to find out how Choice utilise the NEM Mosaic, Namespace and Apostille services

Thank you NEM community for all of your support to date! It has been unreal :raised_hands:

We are 96% of the way there with 36 hours of voting left! :tada::100::rocket:

Learn below how Choice is benefiting the NEM community! :raised_hands:

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Looks like you did it! :star_struck:


We made it Rigel! Thanks a ton for all of your support - we can’t wait to show the community what we can achieve!

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