CHOICE :: A Liberated Payments Protocol - NEM Community Fund Proposal

Thank you NEM family! The Choice team cannot thank you enough for all of your support over the past weeks, this community is amazing! :raised_hands::100::tada::rocket:

We look forward to showing you all what we can achieve with the power of NEM


From the Choice Team

Alex, Ossie & Fraser


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Great stuff mate.

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Hot off the press :rocket:

The first blog update on why we started the Choice project and how NEM has helped accelerate our progress :chart_with_upwards_trend::battery:

Bring on Blockchain for Social Impact and Transparency! :v:

Some fresh PR on Choice : )

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Congrats project CHOICE for getting the Votes !

Thanks @yohanzah28 we could not have done it without the support of the awesome NEM community :raised_hands:

Incoming from 61-Bit :rocket:

Don’t forget to Join the Choice Telegram channel here for all of the latest updates :slight_smile:

Do you think of branching out to South Africa perhaps? We need something like this…

Kia ora Stephan,

We would love to take Choice to South Africa - The team is working hard to use New Zealand as a global incubator for payment with social impact. We are building global scalability from day one and would love to reach the shores of South Africa in the not to distant future!

Feel free to join the @choicetopay Telegram channel for all of the relevant updates :rocket:

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An Update on Choice :slight_smile: Meet our NEM developer Gabe :rocket:


Hey Alex and team,

Firstly congrats! Love your work. I am really interested in not just tracking donations but also tracking projects and activities that are meant to have a social impact. At the right time, I’d love to find out more. Specifically, there’s a need to identify trustworthy NGOs and individuals who work in the social impact space, and provide them with support. I am also working on a project and we are very keen to allocate a small % of the payments made to social impact activities.

Congrats again! And will reach out to you again soon.

Kia ora Sam,

Tracking and providing tangible feedback on where the donations are going is high on our priorities list. We are working on writing into the Choice Foundations constitution trust based protocols for partners Charities, NGO’s etc. Would love to see any insights into your work, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn at any time.


Choice is LAUNCHING in 2 days! :rocket::earth_asia::raised_hands:

If you live in New Zealand feel free to come down to MossCaff, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington on the 17th and 18th of May to pay with Choice!

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Great stuff guys! Have been following your progress so great to see it’s going live soon.


Thanks Sean for your support!
Check out the @choicetopay Twitter to see the outstanding engagement we have had in the past 2 days!


Choice successfully completed our first 2 day LIVE trial at MossCaff in Wellington New Zealand! :money_with_wings::rocket::earth_asia:

Check out what Peter-Fletcher Dobson from Kiwibank had to say :raised_hands:


Social impact is now a currency :money_with_wings::rocket::earth_asia:

Feel free to read all about it in our latest blog :hatching_chick:

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New Zealand is leading the charge as a social impact blockchain hub :zap:️Check out the Origins project proposal and the huge benefits it will be adding to the NEM ecosystem!