CHOICE :: A Liberated Payments Protocol - NEM Community Fund Proposal

Choice! The team from CNET Japan was in town a few months back checking in on startup spaces in New Zealand - Alex and Fraser caught up with them :money_with_wings::earth_asia:


Choice now has a Facebook page! Join the community as we build our kiwi customer facing brand over the coming months - over 1 million kiwis are active on Facebook every month - that is 25% of our entire population!

Hey I am not technically minded in blockchain, but do you guys have an online payment system?
Is the QR code function used for online transactions?


Kia ora Dan,
Our primary priority at the moment is to bring payments ubiquity through physical terminal payments. This connects physical infrastructure with mobile enabled payment via Choice. 90% of NZ payments are physical via electronic card (not cash or mobile). We are connecting consumers to the digital future via the latest technology and powered by the NEM blockchain in the back-end. Online integration is part of our longer term integration :slight_smile:


Kia ora NEM whānau!

The Choice team is rocketing into 2019 with some big wheels in motion here in Aotearoa - feel free to check out the latest Choice update below for the full recap of 2018 and our movements for 2019 :grinning:


Thanks for the updated, super excited to see things going strong team Choice! @alexmccall, @CrimsonMeadow, @Fraser_M and co.

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Choice Milestone 4


Milestone 4 - Launch
20% 500K XEMs ($150K USD) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Complete mobile iOS App
  • Release of application to Apple app-store
  • First real customer use case
  • Development of Choice mobile app - Android
  • Onboard Salesforce team
  • Launch Marketing campaign across New Zealand (digital, retail, social, radio)
  • Integration with at least 10x retailers across NZ utilising Choice payment protocol powered by NEM
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Complete mobile iOS App?



@alexmccall do you not intend to respond to this?

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Kia ora @GodTanu @corporal_clegg :rocket:

As you are aware Choice is pleased to announce the successful completion of our 4th Milestone :sunny: The team agreed with the NCF to re-adjust our 4th Milestone based on our progress in different areas of the business, the 4th Milestone was approved based on the below criteria:

  • First real customer use case
  • Development of Choice mobile app - Android
  • Integration with at least 10x retailers across NZ utilising Choice payment protocol
  • Development of Choice API for integration with digital POS
  • NEM x Choice awareness events at 3x major New Zealand Universities
  • Awareness at Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 (Scotland) - Communicating the vision of NEM powered blockchain technology for social impact

Feel free to check out our iOS app in Test Flight working with a Verifone Terminal in New Zealand. There are 70,000 of these terminals across NZ. Our Android .apk is ready to launch on the Android store along with our iOS app. We are looking at an in market launch with multiple merchants in Wellington NZ between April and May.

As you may or may not be aware the NCF committee has decided to conclude the DAO due to price volatility and sustainability of the NCF. Choice has therefore received our last Milestone from the NCF.

We would like to thank the NEM Community for all of your support to date and we are continuing on our mission to bring Payments with Purpose to life from New Zealand and take it to the world. We will keep the community updated but please also sign up to our new website for the latest communications moving forward.

Kia māia,
Alex & The Team at Choice


Great! Thank you for answering.

I hope your team’s project will be successful.:clap::clap::clap:


looking forward to seeing its launch!!


:tada:Choice is launching:tada:

14x of the coolest and hip, cafe’s, restaurants and bars in Wellington have joined our tribe to show the world we can pay with purpose :fist::earth_asia::yellow_heart:

Go to to get early access. If you are in Wellington, New Zealand, jump on our Facebook event to be kept in the loop for more info on when and where to find the Choice whānau :rocket:


Can I ask, how does this app use blockchain? I’m looking on the website and app store and can’t figure it out.

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I haven’t observed any transaction from CHOICE yet.

me neither.
I’m watching explorer every day.
I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Are you use NEM?

Hey Choice! Please put a few more nice mentions about NEM Blockchain to the website!

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Could at least say “Funded by Nem Community Fund” :sweat_smile:

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