CHOICE :: A Liberated Payments Protocol - NEM Community Fund Proposal


Choice! The team from CNET Japan was in town a few months back checking in on startup spaces in New Zealand - Alex and Fraser caught up with them :money_with_wings::earth_asia:


Choice now has a Facebook page! Join the community as we build our kiwi customer facing brand over the coming months - over 1 million kiwis are active on Facebook every month - that is 25% of our entire population!


Hey I am not technically minded in blockchain, but do you guys have an online payment system?
Is the QR code function used for online transactions?



Kia ora Dan,
Our primary priority at the moment is to bring payments ubiquity through physical terminal payments. This connects physical infrastructure with mobile enabled payment via Choice. 90% of NZ payments are physical via electronic card (not cash or mobile). We are connecting consumers to the digital future via the latest technology and powered by the NEM blockchain in the back-end. Online integration is part of our longer term integration :slight_smile:


Kia ora NEM whānau!

The Choice team is rocketing into 2019 with some big wheels in motion here in Aotearoa - feel free to check out the latest Choice update below for the full recap of 2018 and our movements for 2019 :grinning:


Thanks for the updated, super excited to see things going strong team Choice! @alexmccall, @CrimsonMeadow, @Fraser_M and co.