CoderSchool Funding -- Collaboration with NEM


CoderSchool x NEM Collaboration


We’d like to propose for Coderschool and the NEM Foundation to work together in 2018 to developers on NEM Blockchain technology.

  1. Event/Space Collaboration: Dedicated home for a NEM Blockchain Developer Group in Saigon. A dedicated “NEM Foundation Collaboration Space”, where events can be held and experts can reside.
  2. Technical Bootcamps and Content: 6 NEM Smart Asset Tech Week-long Bootcamps, 15 graduates each (target 90 graduates), along with 2 detailed online tutorials in English and Vietnamese.
  3. Marquee Event Collaboration: 3 Hackathons after each course (target 200 participants).


  1. 2 Dedicated Desks for NEM or NEM representatives
  2. Free Event Space Usage (when available) for NEM related events
  3. Free profiling of NEM Engineer Alumni from CoderSchool


Established in 2015, Coderschool offers high quality, fast-paced training for engineers across Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, React Native, UI/UX, and Blockchain. Our curriculum was originally developed in Silicon Valley and is in official use at many leading tech companies, such as Facebook, Netflix, and Intuit. In Vietnam, we use this same curriculum in addition to curriculum we’ve developed on our own, and have taught over 300 engineers. Coderschool alumni have gone on to work at leading tech companies such as Uber, TinyPulse, Lazada, Wizeline, Sentio, Saleshood, Tiki, Mingle, and Silicon Straits.

In addition to regular Demo Days, which have seen as many as 500+ attendees per event, we host regular meetups for the community featuring guest speakers on exciting new technologies and topics, such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, Chatbots, Entrepreneurship, and others.

95% of our students would recommend our course to a friend, and we’re currently rated 5.0/5.0 on CourseReport. We’ve received over 3000 applications for entry into our program. For more information about Coderschool, you can also visit or watch a short and fun YouTube video here:


We have had many world-class engineers teach classes at Coderschool. Our teachers come from companies such as Google, Stripe, Intel, and TinyPulse.

Jieren Chen (React)

Christopher Kung (Android)

Dan Cowell (NodeJS)

Dave Vo (iOS)

Neeraj Chandra (Ruby)

Quan Vu (Android)

Thomas Bindzus (Ruby)


Coderschool is opening a brand new 540 sqm. campus in downtown Ho Chi Minh City in March 2018. We’d like to be the home for NEM events and NEM experts to reside. We could do co-branding with NEM on the event space or classrooms, and reserve a private office for NEM experts. We would welcome the opportunity to brainstorm ideas further ideas for collaboration.

Event space in our forthcoming campus. Could add NEM branding.

Classroom in our forthcoming campus. Could add NEM branding here as well.

KPI: 50 in-person MAU for NEM Events


We would host six one-week workshops, consisting of 6-10 hours of in-person technical instruction to introduce engineers to building on top of the NEM blockchain. We’d collaborate with NEM resources on curriculum and placement.

We’d also generate two accompanying end-to-end online tutorials to further evangelize NEM’s technologies throughout the developer community, both in Vietnam, and globally. These would complement the bootcamp.

For a sample curriculum document, you can refer to our Android development course:

KPI: 90 engineers intensively trained


CoderSchool has a long history of organizing events for the engineering community. Our biggest Demo Day drew over 500 attendees, and all the CoderSchool staff regularly serve as judges / mentors for the plethora of hackathons in Vietnam. We’d love to organize a NEM-themed Hackathon in the CoderSchool/NEM space.
In 2018 we’d host three Hackathons, one after each class. We’d target the first two to have 50 attendees each, and plan the last one in Q3/Q4 to be twice as big as the two preceding.

KPI: 200 total attendees


Proposal Updates from previous:

  1. Training program includes development of 2 x Online Exercise Content
  2. Training program expanded scope from 60 to 90 participant
  3. Hackathon Budget has expanded to include, paid marketing + Prizes given to top 3 winners

If special payment schedules are requested the following will be applied:

  1. Installment payments: Subject to 10% administration fee
  2. Non-standard US/VND/SGD currency: 10% FX & Administration Fee
  3. Final FX rate: TBD and subject to change based on final payment schedule


I like the idea since getting more developers on NEM is pretty important and having online courses + well run hackathons would be a great value add!

There are just a few questions I have about your milestones:

Why do you need $10000 just for the proposal? That doesn’t make any sense to me.
Why do you need $20000 for course timelines?

So the total amount you request is $185000?

Is this collaboration only supposed to be for 2018? Or ongoing? Your proposal only seems to be mentioning 2018.



  1. Proposal & Timelines: I believe its just aligning the cash-flow so that Charle’s team can begin allocating resources towards the project setup. If the milestones seems complicated, I can suggest he simplify it a bit more. (I’ll leave Charles to comment further)

  2. Total request = $185,000
    Training / Hackathon / Dedicated + Sponsored space

  3. Length of Collaboration: The preferred is a longer-term engagement. It was advised initially for focus on the 1st year (to expedite the process and utilize as a trial for both parties Coderschool & NEM). The intention is definitely a longer term collaboration, including expansion of training to universities and professional firms (rather then just experience engineers). However, that would be proposed separately to reduce complexity, unless it is recommended to add it into this current project.

Good question.

Absolutely, thanks for the question, and I promise future replies will be snappier. I’m so happy that you read this. Kimble’s spot on for 2/3, so let me just focus on Question 1.

We’re a bit behind on timeline, but it’s not really a line item for proposal, it’s just what we need so we can cover the costs of getting our team going. We need a bit of money up front so we can make our first few dedicated hires. Once we have the starter capital we can start hiring the staff necessary for future milestones; we’ll need a good team to make sure all this happens. The deliverable is not the course proposal itself, but rather what we’re committing to behind the proposal. Same goes for the curriculum and timelines; once we have everything planned and can give exact times and resources for everything, then we’re in a good spot.

Yes and also can you make some opportunities for poorer children please.
I would like to see more folk from poorer backgrounds get an opportunity.
Never been to either yet Vietnam and Cambodia are perfect examples of an untapped youth resource, I would like to see the youth onboard.

This is a prefect example of how Nem can empower people.

New Empowerment Movement.


The old saying goes - “the blockchain with the most developers wins”

Creating a global ecosystem and scalable education method with online tutorials and classes is essential in driving the adoption of the New Economy Movement.

Nice work guys! I like the project a lot,

Alex - Choice co-founder

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Funny enough, I believe CoderSchool has a program for this, where a budget can be allocated specifically for “dis-advantaged” or financially challenged individuals.

I dont know the details but maybe @chug2k can share more and perhaps add as a future item?

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Yes, indeed. This isn’t specifically outlined in the proposal yet, because it’s a harder problem to solve - but an incredibly worthwhile one.

In the past, we’ve talked to many organizations, from a company that trains and employs wheelchair-bound programmers, to organizations that focus on promoting tech literacy amongst rural females. We have some things in the works - it’s not blockchain specific, but we’re planning Arduino workshops, drone workshops, and many other things to engage young tech learners. Rest assured that spreading tech empowerment worldwide is a core mission for CoderSchool - our company is founded on the mission to help people participate in the global tech discussion, regardless of where or when they were born.


Love your mission @chug2k ! All the best on your proposal

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Good Idea. Do you plan to make online video courses from beginner level for NEM developers. I also make education platform for blockchaine coders with online learning


It would be so helpful also if there will be a NEM Course available in Udemy.


Hey there! There’s a revised proposal available at the link above. We had some changes and weren’t able to edit the existing post, so please move new discussion to the new proposal (which is by in large the same).

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So any updates on what is happening with this?
Has it gone to vote and if so what was the outcome?
I am sorry I really do not boot up my nanowallet so often so I miss voting at times.