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The folks on seem to have some outdated or inaccurate information on nem. Let’s all drop them a message and help them out :slight_smile:

Hi @memario.

Valentin, one of the co-founders at CoinCheckUp here.

First of all I wanted to apologize for any wrong information we are presenting on our site. I’ve already pinged our head of research to take a deeper look into it.

Would you be able to support our efforts and point us a few key items that require amendments?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @valentinbora,

Nice, I didn’t expect you guys answering right here on the forum :slight_smile:

0 points for “Ability to contact the company via: Slack, Telegram or ICQ?” NEM has both Slack and telegram. The Slack channels are private but the telegram are public. I don’t konw how research is done but this info is in the community section of nem’s website which I think is pretty obvious:

0 points for “Has the coin outperformed the rest of the market trend since it started trading?” I guess this one is debatable but I think 0 points is harsh. Look at the Investment section and the Cum. RIO for nem here I don’t think there are too many with 48,980.93% ROI.

0 points for “Advisors have descriptions on the website”.
All members of the foundation are listed on and there are links to all their social media including linked in. I think 0 points are again harsh here. At there very least the next point “Advisors have social profile links (LinkedIn or others) on the website” has to be corrected. It literally asks for exactly what nem has i.e. the LinkedIn links.

0 points for "Lastly Activity on Youtube"
Quite a few channels regularly talk about NEM but there are 2 official channels:

There are more points that may be wrong but I’m not sure about them.
I do want to point out that most of this information is readily available on the website and twitter feed. I don’t know how anyone doing real research could miss them.

Thank you for taking care of it ! :slight_smile:

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Hello @memario,

I am Raluca and I manage the research team for Again thank you for raising the flag regarding the information on our site. We do thorough due diligence but mistakes might occur in the process. This is why I highly recommend whenever there are updates/amendments/ corrections for NEM please reach out to us via

We will verify that info and if it checks out we will amend in the shortest time possible.

Thank you and all the best,


@Nexibeo What was the result of your research ? Has the score been updated ? It doesn’t seem like it.

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You’re kidding right ? All of it is still missing. If you’re not gonna update it just say so. I don’t mean to be harsh but that’s just ridiculous. Literally none of the points have been addressed even though they are obviously inaccurate and I pointed out every single one for you. I couldn’t have made it easier for you guys to verify.

If that’s the kind of accuracy we can expect from coincheckup then the site has just become absolutely useless. More like coin hiccup then eh ?

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Hi @memario. We’ve updated our scoring formula. Please check out NEM at


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@valentinbora That’s more like it - Thank you !