Communication efforts

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty much a lay person when it comes to the technological ins and outs of crypto. However, I have a broad general understanding and I’m very much convinced on the way NEM is structured, especially the community aspect of it.
I truly believe it can change a lot, in a very meaningful way.

Now, I’m involved in some projects (trying to turn hobby into job) that deal with science communication and education, mostly in biotech.
I also help researchers, institutions and businesses with communicating their science more openly and effectively, as well as designing educational content.

Almost everything I have seen on crypto is very hard for (uneducated) lay people not only to understand, but more importantly, to grasp what it could do and mean for them. And I think the coins that will make it into everyone’s life, will be those who communicate it most effectively and strive for engagement with broad audiences.

For this reason, I’d like to offer my help. If anyone wants to make videos, articles, music or even art related to NEM, I’ll gladly assist in setting the tone and choosing the words.

Take this thread as a brainstorming place, where we can come up with ideas to bring NEM closer to the people.

That is all.


PS: I’m fine with being ridiculed as well, no worries :stuck_out_tongue:


I am experimenting with NEM these days. Hope to write a few tutorials/blogs on my experience.

Let me know if you’re open to collaborate or anything :slight_smile:

I agree with you! I think one way for NEM to increase its presence and marketing is to double down on China. NEM is particularly good for private chains in enterprises and enterprise software is kicking off in China in different verticals such as real estate, manufacturing, supply chain financing, wealth management… NEM can be a key chain here if it doubles down on China. If many chinese firms use NEM and they move overseas they automatically export NEM chains into the global market. I know from Lon Wong they are expanding their presence here with cooperations with universities, incubators etc which is a good thing. I suggest they actively seek out enterprise service firms in China looking to use blockchain.