Comsa coin migration

Hi all,

I still have my Comsa ICO coins in the original ICO platform. Now I can either keep there, transfer it to Zaif Exchange, to my Nano wallet or as an Ethereum coin into my ether wallet.

As a support of the NEM community, I would prefer to transfer it to my Nano wallet. However, what will happen to my Comsa coins after the migration? Will I lose them?

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Thanks Edvin, have tagged @gevs to see if there is a definitive answer for it. As I know COMSA as a Mosaic and it won’t apply to the opt-in. I have COMSA tokens as well and would like to find out what to do.

It is possible that the COMSA namespace owner would optin the namespace, but the mosaics you hold will not be migrated. Only XEM balances will be.

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