Connecting to testnet on nem-python

I’m trying to run an app on nem blockchain and I’m using nem-python. does anybody know how to connect to testnet instead of mainnet in this library?

It’s my guess but did you tried set mainnet to false? :slight_smile:

from nem_python.nem_connect import NemConnect
nem = NemConnect(main_net=False)

that works :slight_smile: but I have another question. how can I create a new sk and pk pair using this library?

I did not used this libary but when I’m looking at it I don’t see such function.

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does the timestamp provided by this link can be used for both testnet and mainnet? is mainnet node. You need to use testnet node if you want fetch testnet time.

List of mainnet nodes:
List of testnet nodes:

but I could send a tx to testnet network with the timestamp read from and my tx got confirmed!!

Times are near and that could happen. Anyway you should use testnet one :slight_smile:

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