Contest for t-shirt design

The contest on Polish website will last for 7 days. It is mostly aimed at Polish designers. If you want to join but you don’t have Polish bank account or if you know someone that would like to create an artistic design for NEM, we can start another contest here in this thread. I’m sure that NEM community will reward the best designs with some XEM and/or tshirts :slight_smile:
The contest on our forum doesn’t have a timeframe yet.
Some hints:

  • the design should use NEM logo.
  • keywords that can be used: Mosaics, Namespaces, Supernodes, NEM, XEM, Mijin, Dragonfly, Proof-of-Importance, Harvesting, Catapult, Blockchain Tech., Eigentrust++, P2P time sync, Multisig, Private key, Cryptography.
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The contest was a success, it ends tomorrow and community have chosen the best designs.

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This is the winning design:

And these are the other designs acquired during the contest:

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Can you post the HQ version so I can locally have one printed at my favourite print-shop around the corner?

The designs are on NEM disk. They are free for personal use.

:grin: … on “NEM DISK” ?
Searched the forum but couldn’t really find info about that.
Is it something like MAID SAFE or STORJ ? Can mount a decentralized disk space?

No, it’s just Google’s cloud storage:

The contest was really amazing .
Hoping for such more in near future. Thanks for this amazing ideas and congratulate to all winners.


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The contest was a really nice idea
so when would be the next competition?

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Hey Spider,

I really like to participate in any kind of designing competition which gives me ability to think more creative while designing such as long sleeve shirts for any client or winning the competition if there is any category of designing competition, Please tell me what is the procedure so i will participate if its late then please remember for next time competition


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