Correct Password Is Invalid?

During Sign-in to new account, the password that I know is correct is declared to be invalid, so I am unable to proceed. My procedures are correct as I selected main net wallet shown in drop-down window and I entered the password created just a few minutes before and carefully recorded by me. Please advise what is wrong and and what can I do about it. Thank you.

Well it looks like you provided wrong password.
You can recreate wallet from private key backup (Sign up > Private key wallet option)

This is the second time I am sending this message as it has not yet appeared. Thanks … you were right about the password. I did recreate my wallet with the private backup key and got access to the dashboard. But now I face a new mystery … my XEM tokens that I placed there some months ago do not show on the “confirmed” dashboard … What a nightmare! Further, I have an awful time finding a URL to sign in on. Any advice that you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks.

I have another problem now … when I attempt to log in to my NEM wallet, when asked to “select wallet” it doesn’t show my wallet name in the drop down box. How can I handle this frustrating problem? Many thank for your help.

It’s me again … sorry to be a pain in the neck … I did fumble my way through signing in, so I have the dashboard in sight once more. I deposited over 5K XEM tokens to my NEM account months ago yet see a “Vested Balance” of 0.000000 XEM. My public address is NDXYUK-QBQZJA-J33PCI-UDNQIL-XU6PWH-T546VG-Q3JB … I read about the phishing site in your response to another user, but don’t believe that I fell victim to that nefarious scheme. Also, the fact I do have a "Primary Private Key"and was able to access the wallet (with some difficulty) … but do not have a “Public Key” … as no transactions have been made in order to get a public key. What could have happened to my XEM tokens? Your advice and direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Wallets are stored in local storage. Maybe you cleared local storage?
You can restore wallet using private key.

This account has 0 XEM and no transaction so this is not address where any coins were sent