Correcting your English written work

Hi All, I am new to the NEM community. When reading about NEM on this forum and other places I notice a lot of people are having difficulties with the English language. I would accept payments in XEM if you want me to proof-read and correct any text in English.

Best, Martin


Hi Martin,

We are developing a freelance marketplace who accept payments in XEMs. Would you advertise your services for free in our website?

Best, Jordi

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If you are looking for someone who is better in English and being a helping hand for you to make the correction in your wrong english so I would say that you may try out things like coursework writing service uk which is more suitable for you to do assignments, writing essay and more.
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I have noticed that, too.
Recently, it appears to me that even native English speakers are commonly omitting articles and getting other grammar wrong. English is not my first language, so I didn’t dare to “speak up” in particular.

Perhaps the issue is related to the fact that people read more chats and tweets than books nowadays.

The below is from the 9/Nov announced Cataput Testnet Release
(“​​We’re delighted to announce that the Catapult Public Testnet is now live!”, at ).
I’m not very happy with the “Welcome” message.
Is it only me who that sounds Russian-inspired to? :wink:

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