Create Mosaic Exception: Connection Refused


Hello! i am developing a web app using nem.core and working on module of “creating mosaic”.
When i deploy this app on my localhost (Apache Tomcat) it works fine as mosaic created but when i deploy my web app (.war file) to a remote server, it throws an exception as “Connect to[/]failed: Connection refused”. I’ve also tried by http and https but no success. Is there any thing i am missing while connecting node via remote server?


Please check if your firewall don’t block connection to on port 7890


Thanks for your reply. As i have mentioned, it works fine when i deploy it on my localhost (Apache tomcat : http://localhost:8080) but doesn’t work while deploying on hosting (dailyrazor)


That’s why you should verify firewall/routing settings on your hosting server :slight_smile:
If it’s linux check if server is responding:

telnet 7890