Creating a token on the NEM platform

Hello, everyone.
My business partner and I want to start a venture, which aims to lead to a greater trust in crypto-assets in general (unfortunately I cannot share more information about it at this point).
After doing a lot of research I am now convinced that NEM is one of the best platforms for issuing custom tokens and conducting an ICO and because of that I am really looking forward to the release of COMSA. However, there’s tons of information on how to issue an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, but not nearly enough about the way that NEM itself works - which makes it a bit more intimidating to the people who aren’t programmers. Can anyone suggest videos or articles which explain in a detailed way how tokens on the platform are created? Can you also give me a few examples of successful NEM ICOs? Thank you!

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This is the thing you need to look for:

I think is little bit outdated regarding the fees.

You do not need to be a programmer to create your (mosaics) on NEM network which would be analogues to the ERC20 on ethereum network.
You could create your mosacis (tokens) manually within a wallet.

I suggest that you try to do that in NanoWallet

For testing purposes is better that you create a test wallet so you could
make tests on test network without having any financial expense.

If your require test XEM you could paste your test address in this thread:

Regarding the successfully or launched icos on NEM network you could check

I hope I helped a bit but some more experienced members could give you more detailed info about that matter.


You’ve helped us immensely, thank you so much! We are going through the Testnet at the moment!