Crypto Cashback Coin Hello

Thanks to my friend for contributing this Crypto Cashback Coins branding work to the project.

CCC is a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). There are bounties for value creating work using NEM/XEM New Economic Movement blockchain. Cashback Coin holders will be able to vote on certain decisions in the future using a Nano wallet interface. However, the extent of decentralisation and coin holder power over future decisions is still not set in stone. This is not an ICO and currently there is no White Paper.

CCC is a utility coin. Nick Szabo who is rumoured to be the actual founder of Bitcoin called physical vending machines “primitive ancestors of smart contracts,” since they take coins and dispense a product and the correct change according to the displayed price.

That is what Crypto Cashback Coin is, you receive a CCC coin that can be used to exchange for any other crypto coin that does specific utility e.g. shopping coin, electricity coin, investment coin or gambling crypto coin from different service providers that are legitimate and deemed respectable by CCC coin holders.

If Bitcoin is a proof-of-work crypto project, Ethereum is a proof-of-work eventually turning into proof-of-stake project. Nem is a proof-of-importance project. I call CCC a proof-of-cash project. This is not a typical blockchain ICO project but one that actually gives you digital assets for free without asking for your investment or any other sensitive information. It’s purely funded by me and currently in test phase testing cost per acquisition using different digital and affiliate performance techniques that if proven successful will create its intellectual value.

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Voting function already exists.
No token is necessary.

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I don’t know if I has understood your idea.
Is your CCC system functioning as a loyalty program?
Whenever you buy a utility coin, you are entitled to receive CCC tokens?

And then with your CCC tokens you will be able to buy stuffs or exchange the CCC for others tokens or fiat money?


Basically CCC coin is only generated from online transactions and backed by real money (fiat). The money comes from partnerships with online retailers.

You can exchange CCC coin into pretty much any coin. 1CCC = $1 / any coin. Just add NEM address, and you can earn NEM or any other mosaic from your online purchases.

It’s already functional and users are receiving their CCC and using to exchange for other coins.

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Where’s the link?

Do you have the whitepaper for this project?

No white paper yet, this is not an ICO. However, please do test our beta platform: join, shop, earn crypto cashback and test. Enjoy!

Do I understand correctly? is a loyalty portal where CCC is generated when you are purchasing something at your partners (eBay, Microsoft, Amazon etc.) e-stores?

Yes, you can call it that. But it’s business model is based on cashback model and you can exchange your CCC for any other coin of your choice CCC = $, exchange it at market value.