Монеты не дошли на Cryptopia [MOVED]

24/03/2018 5:13: 00 я сделал перевод с cryptopia на cryptopia счет ХЕМ: NBQ73BYLVGMO7L2WFG2VVOJHOBWWJKW7D3V7UE4E. ИД транзакции: efddbd75fc11e9c97559363876f5389a5ba42de35807ca78300b8fc2b4dc6b05. В настоящее время у меня на бирже статус “Completed”. Однако пользователь cryptopia не получил монеты. В депозите XEM нет.
Техподдержка cryptopia ответила:
Thank you for contacting Cryptopia Support.

Unfortunately your withdrawal of 1000.00000000 XEM was successful, and broadcast to the network as you can see using this block explorer:

Once a withdrawal from Cryptopia has been processed, it is broadcast to the global network, and the funds are no longer in our control meaning there is no way for us to recover or change it.

Please be very careful when you make withdrawals or transfers in the future.

Kind Regards,
Cryptopia Support

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