Daily NEM Blockchain Download Available @NodeExplorer


I finally found the time to add the feature.
NEM blockchain will be automatically released once per day(dropbox).

The NEM blockchain is compressed still quite compact with 230 mb (uncompressed 700 mb) and its always nice to have a bootstrap on hand if you are on a raspberry pi.


Cheers crimi


How do you create the backup? Just copying while NIS is running night produce a corrupt db.

thanks, i did read the h2 db FAQ a while ago.

in any case you cant trust a centralised bootstrap blockchain from a third party,

the chance the data is corrupt is highly likely.

isnt that the fundamental task of the nem client to check if all nodes in the network share same data and if not do a rescan? you better assure this mechanism works :slight_smile:

I was not talking about intentionally modifying the db. My experience simply is that when i copy a db from one node while nis is running, then another node which tries to use that copied db will just exit at startup since the db is internally corrupt (indices broken for example).