DarcWallet Beta Development Update: Previewing the DARCwallet

I think everyone agrees that one of the great weaknesses of NEM is its lack of a great wallet. For example, I couldn’t even vote in any of the recent elections due to the limitations of the current NEM Wallet.

Having gone “outside the box” and chosen NEM to develop our project on, it’s the #1 thing we hear from our token holders. How do I use this NanoWallet (now NEM Wallet) thing? Why don’t you just use Ethereum so I can do it on MEW?

So we are throwing our hat into the Wallet Wars. To be clear, we do not intend this to be a challenge to other wallet developers on the NEM platform. The more the merrier! The mark of a successful public chain is that it has a variety of wallet options.

We hope you’ll consider giving DARCwallet a spin once it’s ready for beta. Stay tuned!

Any and all comments and criticism appreciated!