Dear Mr. David Shaw


Dear Mr Shaw,
Can you please ask the binance-responsible in the name of our NEM community, from your NEM leader position when will be XYM listed? We see NEM project crumble before our eyes and can’t do anything to avoid it.
A first step would be to know what is happening today at binance, is will only be possible to withdraw XYM to another exchange / wallet or finally after 6 weeks will be possible to trade it.

With these clarifications you would help several thousand people in our community.

Thousands of Thanks!
Best regards!


Meanwhile binance has announced that XYM withdrawal is suspended till 2021-04-29 18:00

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Nobody here? ok, my decision is to leave the project.
That it.

Sayonara, Goodbye and Auf Wiedersehen!



I’m not David Shaw but will answer this question as I have been dealing with Partners integrating Symbol.

  • At the outset the NEM team took an agnostic approach on whether token holders should opt in in via the NEM wallet or use exchanges to facilitate the process. Ultimately it is a matter of personal choice how you choose to hold tokens. We were grateful that Binance decided to publicly support the XYM allocation as this allowed NEM token holders to easily engage in the opt in process.

  • Binance contribute to the security of NEM blockchains by providing a staking service for token holders on their platform. Given the reduction of Supernodes on NEM NIS1 we are grateful for Binance continuing to stake XEM.

  • We launched NEM Symbol in March 2021. This period was problematic for certain regions due to both the Lunar Calendar scheduling Chinese New Year in Feb and maintenance upgrades in March. The launch date was determined by the completion of a huge amount of individual tasks and was NOT chosen based on the optimum time to fit our partners windows.

  • Wallets are important because they safeguard funds. The XEM wallet is under maintenance because it is being upgraded. We continue to provide 24/7 support in local languages to answer any questions. At NO point have we not been willing to respond to questions.

  • We understand there is a huge frustration with NEM Symbol token holders NOT being able to stake their tokens onto the network. We continue to outline the Vision and Tech Roadmap of Symbol which we firmly believe will excite partners. Ultimately projects get selected on Tier1 exchanges because they have LT potential.


Thank you very much for the explanations!
I am convinced that NEM will become very soon a successful project in crypto world. :+1: