Dear NemJapan Community, about nemlog, nemgraph

Dear NemJapan Community,

Thanks for the great projects you develop and make available. I would like to highlight NemLog and the upcoming Nemgraph.

These projects are a huge opportunity for Nem to gain popularity. They are not classic industry use cases, but increase the reach, the visibility and the transactions as well as the fees. They provide the community platforms, and extension of the same, beyond the investor model.

Many thanks to the builders of these projects.

Now for my concern, should the points I have mentioned in the course of the discussion, be in planning or work, so forgive me.

I am a Nemlog user myself and the platform itself is excellent. Unfortunately, the translation module is partly unsuitable for the western user. Also, Asia and Europe / USA have different interpretations of layout. My question is whether you have considered revamping versions for our market or developing your project in cooperation with western partners?
Nemlog could get a customized layout in the western version and be used as like medium ( ). Even easier is a later localization of Nemgraph. That could be a big push for Nem.

But I also understand if that does not come into question for you.



Hey @Stinghe_Dorian Shu, shared the Language folder on Github, Would help us Customize the module for western Users.

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