Delegate Harvesting

I restarted supernode for upgrade. I have also downloaded the nanowallet and recreated new wallet via private key. I am able to start delegate harvesting using NCC but using nano wallet, I am getting this error “Error at unlocking account, reason: remote ‘my ip’ attempted to call local /account/unlock with non-remote address NBVI27V3DW4CHZ44EUHJOK6A7UHSCYVTTGV7YREQ”

Edit: The delegate keys and remote account seems to have changed in nanowallet
Original Remote Account: NAFIFIF7XNYIPE6DK47QM2246GR5K4HNHE3KWHMM

In NCC and NanoWallet, the generation method of Remote Account (Deligated Account) has been changed.

To manage Remote Account with NanoWallet, Deactivate Remote Account at NCC. After confirming that it was Deactivated then activate the Remote Account of NanoWallet.
After that, please set up the harvesting.

When using SuperNnode, it is necessary to change the configuration file.
You also need to delete the previous information and send a new enroll message.

If registering with the same IP address, the enroll message does not work well.
In order to resolve this, please ask the next thread to completely delete the contents registered with the old enroll message with the content saying “re-register by Remote account change”.


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Thank you. How long do you think I can keep managing it from NCC? As long as I can do that, I don’t mind just keeping it there. I like NCC interface more anyway, it gives me info like block is loading.

NCC is currently only offering updates for maintenance.
NEM’s new convenient function is not implemented in the future yet.

However, if you set up Remote account and harvesting properly with NCC, I think that you can disregard the items displayed in “Manage delegated account” of NanoWallet.


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