Delegated Harvesting Invalid Node

Simply put in your account address. The site is in Japanese so you have to translate it with Google or another translator. But the first number in the last column shows you the predicted time in days until you hit a block.

What is your delegated harvesting importance percentage? I am curious of it, because it took over two months for you to get harvest rewards, and I want to compare it to mine, which is .000267 with 24,000 XYM.

So you bought another 5k XYM? Not bad. But your score should be higher then. I have a score of .000242 but it has been lower before Binance allowed the withdrawal of XYM in the beginning of May. Not sure how high it has been exactly, but around .0002.

And I have hit two months already and still nothing I confirmed I am on the harvesting list. Others on the list with lower quantites than me have already gotten rewards.
So, how many XYM got you a score of .000242? I’m trying to get a relative idea of success.

I have 19,5k XYM but that won’t help you much.
Just look at the calculator I’ve linked above. According to the numbers there you can expect to hit a block approx. every 106 days with an importance of .0001 and to hit a block every 21 days you would even need .0005 importance(that’s about 41.3k XYM).
So with .000250 it would be about 74 days. Not completely sure if the numbers there are correct but I guess they are.

There’s also some other factors that matter, like activity. You should definitely read the articles in the
symbol docs, e.g. this one.

Thanks, with changing nodes once before and having not seen anything for almost 90 days, I think my lack of trust with XYM harvesting keeps me re-asking these questions. There are 14 harvesters on my node and I am only 1 of only 2 that have received nothing and I am not the lowest quantity holder. I hear about people with 10k that received twice in a month and it just makes me lose confidence. I have ADA earning also and its nice to see something roll in every 5 days consistently.

You can use this calculator as esimator symbol xym harvesting calculator