Delegated Harvesting Invalid Node

Hi, I have a few questions regarding harvesting on Symbol.
I tried to change the node for delegated harvesting since the node I was on showed Activation in Progress for a couple of days(it showed Active at first on Tuesday).
I want to add another node now, but when I add a new Node Url and want to link the keys it shows me Invalid Node.
Do I have to unlink all the keys before I can switch to a new node? So unlink the keys and link it again to the new node?

Can someone please confirm this.
Also if I have to unlink the keys every time I have to switch to another node I have to pay transaction fees two times, which is not a good thing in my opinion.
Way better on XEM then, where you can switch nodes without a problem and especially without paying fees.

The answer is yes, for me. I have spent 3 XYMs switching twice. I am on my third node now and I am still waiting for activation. The only way I know how to switch is using the trusty trash can next to the Key I want to change, before selecting a new node. And, when you confirm, there goes another XYM.

Thanks for your reply. I managed to get on another node 2 days ago, it shows activated now but I haven’t hit a block until now.
And you definitely have to unlock the keys before you can switch to another node, that’s just how it works I guess.
So paying fees just for switching to another node for harvesting is obviously necessary on XYM.

I paid 12 XYM to attach to my node!? and its been 3 days without harvesting results. Any suggestions?

I have spent more than that, and I have waited longer that 3 days too. I have not harvested anything either. I believe it has to do with how the harvesting has been implemented.

However, I don’t have an answer for you because the math and algorithms are beyond my understanding. I did follow the instructions to harvest XEM and XYMs successfully, but the problem is that the process is somewhat obscure, and it is difficult to see what and whom I am delegating to.

I have had no problems delegating and harvesting with Cardano. I wish that our math geniuses for NEM and XYM would just replicate the system that Cardano uses. It is much more transparent and easier to understand.

THanks. There is an IMPORTANCE number nodes have and the higher it is the higher it is the that nodes possibility of winning blocks. But I cannot find where to get this number. Others have reported good earnings every two days, but I cannot get anyone to answer my questions the last two days, even on helpdesk twitter. Do you know to get info on a nodes harvesting statistics?

Yes, it is true that you will get an importance ranking. And, the higher your importance, the higher your chances of harvesting.

I have not seen any of the statistics that you are talking about for NEM or XYM.

These statistics are available for the Cardano (ADA) Blockchain, but I have not seen them for NEM or XYM nodes. They are probably available, and I suspect that you’d need to be at the expert level of understanding and programing of the blockchain to figure it out.

I am not at that level. I am sorry I can’t be of more help.

Well 12 XYM is too much to attach your node. I paid around 3 XYM for switching to another node which is also too much of course.
But I also haven’t hit a block until now and I’m harvesting for around 3 weeks. I have around 20k XYM btw and I guess that’s just not enough to hit a block regularly.

And you got something wrong regarding Importance. It’s not the Importance number of the node but your own Importance number that determines your possibility of hitting a block.

I do agree with you that harvesting is a bit complicated for XYM but that’s not the case for XEM. I harvest XEM for almost 4 years and it works without any problem. You also don’t have to pay any fees to switch to another node on XEM. So no need to replicate the system of Cardano, PoI is unique and has worked well for years now.

And of course you can see harvesting statistics for XYM without being on expert level, it’s all there on the explorer. Just click on the address of the node under Node Detail and there you can see all the harvested blocks from this particular node.

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Thanks for the facts. I have several questions through here if you have answers. Where are you getting Node Detail (so I can see stats on explorer)? My new current node is: from the wallet drop-down, but it does NOT appear in the list on the network explorer. Also, any address or URL I find about the node, in the wallet, when I paste it into search, it is not found on the explorer.

As for fees, I just switched to another node and it cost me 6 XYM to stop the prior node and 13 XYM to initiate harvest on another node. It’s just not right. Does the node set the fee? I am basing this on my balance going down in the wallet each time. The second node got a green light right away but I am not sure how long I should to wait to expect results?

In the meantime, there are many nodes online. So you have to go to the next page to find your node in the search.1000 nodes per page.

" Search for nodes in Explorer. · Issue #876 · nemgrouplimited/symbol-explorer · GitHub "

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I agree with you.

I am mostly concerned with the way the information is presented and how easily accessible it is to all users. I am an big fan of how the programmers of the Daedalus Cardano Wallet neatly organized the Harvesting process into a Delegation Page with tabs for Delegation, Stake Pools, and Rewards. The process is very, very clear and easy to follow and understand.

That is what I was referring to when I said that you need to be at an expert level user.

Information can be easily understood when it is presented correctly. The objective is always to drive adoption. And the easier that we make that process, the better.

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You mentioned waiting 3 weeks and not hitting a block using 20k XYM. Did you eventually get a block reword? I’ve seen nothing from this second node I connected to. Does the latest wallet show you the fees before your approve? The last one did not. And my paying about 12 total XYM fees both times was unexpected.

Yes. Latest wallet shows fees (previous one showed too on popup :wink: )

No, still no block reward. Like I wrote in my earlier post that’s just not enough to hit a block regularly, only big players are hitting blocks regularly.
I don’t really like this and there are better solutions to distribute block rewards more fairly on other coins. So you definitely need a lot of luck to hit a block with a lower amount of coins.

Like CryptoBeliever already wrote, wallets always showed the fees before sending a transaction. But with wallet version 1.0.2 it has become much better regarding costs, since the needed key link transactions are now combined in an aggregate transaction by default.
I switched to another node again a few days ago and paid about 0.07 XYM with slowest setting for the fees.

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There are improvements in 1.0.2:

  • lower fees for switch node
  • you can switch node using custom input

If you looking additional rewards paid by me I can suggest my node (Symbol Harvesting - additional reward to each harvesting on my node ! :)). Additional 12 XYM to each block.
What do you think is this proposition ok? Maybe guaranteed 10XYM for connecting to my node would be better option for small harvesters? :thinking:


@dk99 @ziponline

Sorry to double post but now I offer 10XYM bonus if you will harvest at least week on my node (even if you will not hit any block). Maybe you will be interested Symbol Harvesting - additional reward to each harvesting on my node ! :) - #3 by harvest-big-blocks

Just to give a quick update: I finally hit my first block today. Took over 2 months btw.
According to this calculator I found in another topic here on the forum it will take 50 days to hit the next block. Not sure if it’s accurate but we’ll see.

Thanks for the answer, I think I am into the 4th week waiting and I have 19k XYM. What kind/type of address are you putting in that webpage you sent?