Delegated harvesting on NCC and on Nanowallet, but the status will be different

I can harvesting on nanovallet and on ncc at the same time, this is bug?
PrntScrn: harvisting

You are harvesting on a NIS. You are not actually harvesting on Nanowallet or NCC. You just used one of those clients to activate harvesting.

NCC and Nanowallet are just letting you know the harvesting status.

I can start or stop delegated harvesting on NCC and on Nanowallet, but the status will be different.
For example if I start NCC, then in Nanowallet it won’t be displayed, only when I will start a harvesting in Nanowallet, the status will be active. Too most and if to stop. I stop a harvesting in Nanowallet, but the status in NCC will correspond to what was done in NCC.
Like this: active & inactive harvesting
And here so: inative & active harvesting

Activation of Deligated Accout (Remote Accout) and deactivation by, is transmitted to all super nodes and full nodes.
However, for harvesting, it only know the node that requested harvesting.

Operating with two clients at the same time often has different nodes requesting harvesting and can not indicate normal values.

Also, if you switch from NCC to NanoWallet, the Deligated Account will be changed.
In general there are many questions, we ask them to change Deligated Account.

In NanoWallet, you can select one from all super nodes and select a harvest destination.
And since you restarted the NanoWallet, the last requested node is saved on the client side.

It is strongly recommended to use the NanoWallet as it is not made to be displayed properly in both NCC and NanoWallet.


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