Deposit to nem wallet not found?

I moved some nem from keyptono to wallet and it did not arrive?

what do I do?

Txid: d2d7c0e045967844f71e8a0f56617e82af0de9762ede32a70a6cd43c9863c094

Transaction is done:
What wallet are you using? To which node are you connected?

I am using the nem wallet I dont see anywhere to connect to a more

Mobile wallet doesn’t support mosaics. Only xem. So you will not see pundix token there.
You need to import private key to desktop wallet.

I tried to download a desktop wallet for Linux as I have a Chromebook bit still no luck

Will Any other wallets work besides a desktop? I need it to accept mosaics for npxsxem. I can’t send it to xwallet from exchange directly for some reason.

  1. Get, extract zip and run start.html in browser
    If you have blank page then enable third party cookies in your browser.
  2. Import private key from mobile.
    Private key wallet option, choose mainnet and wallet name, provide private key from mobile wallet.
  3. Login to wallet.

About XWallet you should ask PundiX support.

I clicked your link and this is what I found

Inded. It’s typo:

Link from official

I already downloaded this what do I do next?

Nano wallet Linux 64 had nothing that says start. Nem wallet 2.4 Iclicked start and got a blank page . Don you have a video on how to do this?

You didn’t extracted zip file. You should Google it how do it on your system. For example:

Writing here is not efficient. If you want quicker response please use Telegram and @nemhelpdesk channel.

I tried to windows wallet instead. What do I do after downloading ?

Extract ZIP archive.
If you have windows right click on zip file and there should be extract option. After that go do extracted folder and run NanoWallet.exe.
But of course Windows build will not work on Chromebook.

yes it’s windows instead of chromebook. Which file do I extract

  1. Get windows wallet from
  2. Extract zip file. Open catalog where you downloaded it. Right click on downloaded zip file and choose extract to new catalog.
  3. Open extracted catalog and run NanoWallet.exe

If you have still problems switch to Telegram channel @nemhelpdesk

I am on telegram now