Desktop Wallet Release + New Testnet (13/04/2021)


We have just released a new version (v1.0.2) of the Symbol Desktop wallet, it contains fixes for the FAQs over delegated harvesting issues also the brand new Symbol Testnet.

Release: Release v1.0.2 · nemgrouplimited/symbol-desktop-wallet · GitHub

New delegated harvesting design

The main change in this new release is the delegated harvesting module is not allowing users to select their custom harvesting nodes. Previously, this functionality was restricted to only the peer list from the currently selected node. With the keys linking split from the main delegated harvesting module, advanced users or node operators can now use the wallet for purely key linking purposes. Also, instead of using high fees for delegated harvesting transactions, this release allows users to choose different transaction fee multipliers to control their expenses.

New Symbol Testnet

As part of the post-launch roadmap, we have reset all the Symbol testnet nodes with the same configurations from the main nodes. This wallet release also migrates the new testnet nodes (URL, configurations), which means your existing testnet accounts will be usable on the new testnet nodes, the balance on these accounts will be showing as 0 on the new nodes. If you would like to keep using these accounts, please use the new faucet to fund them again.

New testnet nodes:




Any issues as always - please raise via the helpdesk.

Full release notes:

[1.0.2][v1.0.2] - 13-Apr-2021

Milestone: New testnet update

:warning: This version updates testnet profiles to use the new testnet network. You will be able to claim new testnet XYM using the faucet.


  • Harvesting persistent delegation request now has a timeout to indicate when de harvesting fails
  • When doing harvesting transactions you can now select fee
  • Added the possibility to start delegated harvesting on a custom node
  • Now failed aggregate bonded transactions due to listener closing connection are recovered and broadcasted
  • Reproduce sounds when having a new transaction
  • Disable link delegated harvesting when importance is 0


  • Harvesting is separated into two modes, delegated harvesting for easy usage and remote/key link harvesting for advanced usage.
  • minFeeMultiplier is being used as slowest and averageFeeMultiplier as highest, the rest use distribution in between to avoid network fees going up


  • Harvesting status is now preserved between devices
  • Offline transactions failing on mainnet
  • Offline transaction cosignature also show a transaction detail view when importing payload
  • Harvesting VRF and Remote keys were shared between profiles
  • Import QR was not working on a fully offline machine
  • Ledger with harvesting issues
  • Confirm buttons were displaced

Next time can we wait until all installation files are ready before making a forum post and letting everybody know?