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As a NEM fan I feel the need to express some discomfort with the lack of updates when it comes to development, Catapult specifically. I Approve of and agree with the viewpoint we do not want to hype, and let the solution speak for itself. It’s the main reason I got interested in NEM in the first place. NEM seems the real deal where other projects seem a hollow shell.

I also am comfortable with the notion ‘Catapult is ready when it’s ready’. And, I don’t doubt dev’s are working hard.

That said, in order for the community to regain confidence things are happening and on track some form of updates from the dev front are needed. Short & consise progress updates: what’s happend last week, what’s on the table for the coming week, something like that. It doesn’t need much but can make ALL the difference.

We should not forget that while hype is not what we need the project does require community backing, which might be lost if too little information is shared.

Love to hear your opinions!


This is a diary, a little bit lag, we know everybody is doing their job.

If you want, I can rename the title to Memoir :wink:


Thanks for the responses guys. I still do feel this deserves much more priority. It’s not about marketing (or hyping). It’s about the crypto community recognising NEM beats the competition hands down.

I’m aware of the tread mentioned, it’s way too thin IMO.

Let me be clear, I believe NEM IS the better alternative, but I also believe this is needed for the crypto community to ever recognise this. There is no point in being the best if noone recognises it.

you see, the point that you might have missed, is what we were claiming for a long time: that in long term we’re not interested in crypto “community”. We’re interested in real life applications, where average Joe will be able to make use of XEM on a daily basis.

Yes I get that, my point is that for adoption you do need the community. Good tech is not enough if that’s all it is.

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I agree 100% with Bart. I am new in this NEM world, and it have cost me a lot of effort to get the feeling that NEM/XEM/Catapult ain’t standing still compared to other block chain project. Even if we like it or not, it is necessary to make some kind of marketing to ensure people that NEM are on the track. Yesterday I saw two developers writing about the fees being to high, and they where split between using Ethereum and NEM. Gladly there where a reply that the fees would be lower in the nearest future. We need such guys to thrust that there are a future in developing on top of NEM and I think that demands information about progress
… just a newbies thoughts… :slight_smile:

see linked thread

I’m starting to feel more like this as well. The lack of information I fear is hurting NEM and is counter productive. How can the average Joe know about it if the crypto-community doesn’t even know much about it at all, if any. The average Joe certainly knows about Bitcoin and may have heard about this new Ethereum thing (new to them) that might overtake Bitcoin. A bit of marketing and constant albeit brief news would do a world of good. If the value of the coin increases we might see more volume and usage which would make harvesting more worthwhile and bring on even more people. If price goes up then more resources can essentially be bought with the currency to help push it along further. NEM needs to be used by the crypto-community first so the average Joe can notice it actually exists. I’ve been patiently waiting on it for a bit now, but the (near) silence feels like it is grinding XEM to a halt. Don’t get me wrong I think it is the best platform conceptually and technically. But there have been many great inventions in the past that have died due to lack of awareness.

Precisely. While I fully support NEM (and have since 2014) it would definitely make me feel a bit more at ease if there was at least some sort of community outreach. That could be done either by the devs themselves or in the likely case that they are too busy by someone else.

No information means that the seeds for uncertainty are planted which, without someone to assure people, inevitably leads to a significant loss of interest. This is especially bad in a time were new next generation blockchains are continuously released ( think of tezos, qtum, EOS, stratis).

If you don’t want to lose are community and developer interest to those new projects at least some form of community management is warranted.

That’s just my 2 xem though

I’m inclined to agree with the basic sentiment here. While everyone greatly appreciates the incredible work the team (not just the devs) is doing, it’s hard to imagine continued interest in the project, much less increasing interest, with next to no information being offered.
Ninja has worked in the past for nem (not sure it was ever this ninja though), I doubt it’ll continue to work as well in future.

I appreciate that everyone is probably busy and working at 120% capacity. Nobody is asking for a detailed plan or an hour long talk. I do think just a quick update on what the current outlook is, maybe a feature overview, at least of the features that are nailed down could be worth doing.

At any rate, I’ll hodl. So far this team has nothing but delivered, delivered and delivered. If you think ninja is still the approach to go then I’ll support that (not that anyone gives a rats ass xD). Just be aware that the market is drowning in interesting projects (at least at it appears that way) and being silent hardly seems like the way to go in that environment.


Also: the viewpoint NEM doesn’t need the crypto community is fundamentally flawed. Quite the contrary, NEM (and any other blockchain project) fully relies on its community to be successful. It doesn’t matter how great you are if no-one knows about you.

Not hyping / focussing on quality and ignoring the community are two very different things. To me this thread is about approving of the former but questioning the latter.

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I don’t think that is the viewpoint, but that point isn’t entirely wrong imho. Adoption is what matters. 1 major company utilizing nem and in turn buying xem to operate their business would do more for nem than 100 followers ever could. Community can work wonders but there’s an argument to be made that it’s less important than some may think.
Community can drive adoption of course, but just having a community won’t do much of anything.

In addition, and this is something I forgot to mention in my previous post, the stakes are completely different. An original stake from 2014 is now worth close to 400k. With those amounts of money being at stake it is completely natural to desire at least some information about the project you’re invested in.

Have to agree with patmast3r on the fact that a company is worth a lot more to NEM but it would still make sense to keep your community updated.

New on this forum but interesting read and and comments by all. Agree with elements of Bart and patmast3r.

It’s understandable that NEM would like to market to companies and be less focused on cryptocurrency communities and hype. However, cryptocurrency communities include people that work for and own companies and/or are part of large social networks, the latter being the case for me holding a professional degree in the US. Just as an example, if NEM had more value and/or I had a larger stake in NEM it would incentivize me to have my best friend who owns a large law firm to look at this NEM Apostille technology for contracts. Instead, I have no incentive to do this. One solution might be to consider utilizing one of the developer funds to reward NEM harvesters with more NEM.

It is honestly making me nervous because I am an original stakeholder and not only that I feel like I’m being forgotten about. The community is what got this ecosystem going in the first place. Now it feels like they’ve all but forgotten us. Having an investment worth $400,000 and not hearing a thing about it is concerning to say the least. I’m honestly just being patient for catapult. I’m hoping it does well. If it doesn’t do as well as everyone hopes and they still continue down the silent path I fear NEM may fade into obscurity. Honestly if I knew what I was doing I’d market but I’d probably do more harm than good haha.