Don't trust HitBtc exchange with your XEM - XYM

I was locked out of the forum when I posted criticism about this exchange a week ago.
First of all, WTF mods?
I’m trying to warn the community about a scam exchange.

Just google HitBtc and read the countless grievances. I ignored all the information out there and now they are holding my funds hostage.

Just want to leave this note, that as the XYM snap shot approaches don’t use HitBTC, it is not safe. There are countless other exchanges that won’t screw you over.

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true about Hitbtc

There is already couple of same posts about HITBTC. Its a SCAM exchange and admins here need to pin post notification about this.

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I also created a post warning about the HITBTC scam.

Let’s be honest, if your funds get trapped in hitbtc it’s your own fault. They have strict KYC, if you don’t want to do KYC, look elsewhere. But I wouldn’t consier them a complete scam, it’s just not true.

HITBTC IS a complete scam

I’ve seen that the issues mentioned about hitbtc tend to refer to KYC issues, what’s stopping you from doing KYC before depositing / before attempting withdrawal? I can’t use them as I’m in the US, but have a few friends in europe who haven’t had such awful experiences you mention.

I don’t trade on exchange who require KYC. Why? I had account on MtGox and after hack my data leaked to Russia. Hackers try to open account in my name on many sites. They even try to get a credit in Austria bank with sum over 100000€. I managed to stop this but imagine what will be if they succeeded. So when some exchange asks for KYC i sai NO THANKS.

This I think is the most ludicrous stance you could ever get, you’re saying “no, I don’t want to comply with your platform’s standards, but I still want you to bend over backwards because I’m special”, good luck with that approach, let me know if it works. Lmao just fill your KYC, or don’t complain about a exchange that asks for it before letting you use all of their features. Stick to DEXes

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KYC is hypocritical because it only applies to common people.
The master minds of criminal activity and the banksters have all the financial
and legal means to avoid that shit in the current FIAT system.

There is absolutely no need to have KYC for crypto.
Crypto was intended to get rid of that bullshit.
Until we have a true decentralized exchange we are stuck with that bullshit
terms and condition imposed by central exchanges.

I see Binace has hired some guy

I expect they will soon lower the withdraw limits for no KYC users.
Currently is 2 btc which is enough for most of the common customers.
I hope they will not play sneaky games when it comes to it and that will warn users in advance
giving them chance to withdraw before this gets implemented.

When it comes to central exchanges people should not trust them to much.
Is very risky to keep funds there.
But exchanges have this dirty policy of rising withdraws fees “due to blockchain congestion”
so majority of people keep the funds there.


This is best comment about KYC that i ever read.

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Haven’t I told you that this is going to happen!

Try ProBit. Very Easy. No Hassle.

I see that on Binance is (more than day) impossible to deposit XEM – could it be coincidence with these withdrawal limits changes, what do you mean ?

What sounds to me more crazy than (hopefully just temporary) suspend of XEM deposit, is the fact, that XYM is not fully tradeable (not just) on Binance till now. It looked like it’ll be possible during the April, lot of people asked here for this issue … now is August, situation still persists and almost nobody is talking here about this issue now. I hope it doesn’t mean completely lack of interest from users / NEMsters (/ “Symbolsters”), otherwise it’d be very sad scenario.