@DanJonBob Stop associating NEM group with HITBTC.

The HITBTC exchange is doing a lot of harm to users worldwide by blocking and stealing user’s funds with a scam KYC process that makes it impossible for users to pass document verification, which results in users never being able to access their funds.

As proof of the HITBTC scam, just scroll down their Twitter and Reddit feeds where thousands of users are trying to recover their funds:

Twitter: @hitbtc
Reddit: r/hitbtc

Warning! NEMbers do not use Hitbtc!

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Bittrex is fu…ing XEM holders too. Should be burned to the ground.

Yeah. But HITBTC has been scamming user’s money for years, blocking user’s money no matter which cryptocurrency you own.

Everyday there are desperate users on Twitter, reddit etc trying to recover their money.

Read this message posted today on reddit:

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This is alarming! Thanks for the warning. I don’t know anyone who uses this service but I’ll spread the word just in case. Thank you.

Write to support, it’s your best bet there, I would advise filling KYC always before depositing / withdrawing so that stuff like this don’t happen to you, things that come from experience using different exchanges I guess.

Same, I use both bittrex and hitbtc and have found the worst of the two to be bittrex. Hitbtc doesn’t seem so bad IMO as OP make it sound

I see that their reddit handle responded letting them know what the issue is? How is this a condemning piece of evidence for you? Lol

@Mathis_Chabot you didn’t realize that HITBTC hacked your funds because you never tried to withdrawal your funds from the exchange.

I’ve been a user for about a year now, never experienced such issues, but I did do KYC before depositing funds, might be related IMO, it’s a fervent topic on twitter, the whole KYC thing

@hictle90 @Mathis_Chabot the fact that you are on HitBtc’s side means that you two are either too naive or scammers just like HitBtc!

I advise you to read HitBtc’s reddit and twitter below to see thousands of clients’ complaints of their crypto accounts being scammed by HitBtc.

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